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Telephone Inventor: Alexandar Graham Bell Year:1876 How does it help people? The invention of the telephone led later to the invention of the hearing aids, for the deaf.
Bicycle Inventor: Karl Drais Year: 1817 they became affordable to all and evolved from a status symbol to an object of practical use for everyone.
A car run by gasoline Inventor: Karl Benz Year: 1886 How does it help people? His inventions also add an in built combustion flat engine car, eleven years later, in 1896.
Television Inventor: John Logie Baird Year: 1926 Television once considered a luxury is a mandatory requirement in today’s human life.
Internet The development of internet started in 1957.
PC Inventor: Steve Wozniak: changed the world.
Google The Google Search Engine was Invented By Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998. The name itself was chosen to represent the infinite amount of information that the search engine aimed to organise.
Smarties Smarties were invented by the British Rowntree Company in 1882. Today all the Smarties are made of milk chocolate.
Wireless remote control Wireless remote control was invented by Austrian Robert Adler. Wireless control has no doubt ben a major hit in our technology industry from microphones to the wireless-enabled computer mouse.
Football The people who claim themselves as the inventor of the game are the English. It is believed that a form of such a game was played in England around 11th century.
Camera Johann Zahn designed the first camera in 1685.
Airplane Wright Brothers received a patent for their air machine on May 22, 1906.
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