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The Roaring Twenties

Grade 6 Ch. 24 The Roaring Twenties

Who was Charles Lindbergh? first man to fly solo across the Atlantic
Who was Amelia Earhart? first woman to fly across the Atlantic
What happened to Amelia Earhart when she tried to fly around the world? lost at sea and never found
Who was Frank Lloyd Wright? a famous architect
Who was Marcus Garvey? African American man who wanted his people to be proud and independent
What is George Herman "Babe" Ruth famous for? baseball
What is Duke Ellington known for? playing jazz music
What is Bessie Smith known for? singing jazz and the blues music
What is Georgia O'Keeffe known for? painting flowers and landscapes
What is Langston Hughes known for? writing novels and poetry
What is F. Scott Fitzgerald known for? writing novels
What is Louie Armstrong known for? playing jazz music
What is Aaron Copland known for? composing classical music
What are George and Irving known for? composing popular music
What was Billie Holiday known for? singing jazz and the blues
What are Chicago and New York City known for? skyscrapers
What was Prohibition? amendment that made it illegal to make, store, or sell alcohol
Which amendment passed Prohibition? Eighteenth
Which amendment ended Prohibition? Twenty-first
What is fundamentalism? belief that every word in the Bible s true and must be obeyed
What is it to commute? to drive to and from work
What is mechanization? to have machines do work
What is urbanization? moving from the country to a city
What was the Lost Generation? during the 1920s a group of young people who had lost faith that society was good
What began in Miami, Florida, in 1922? a boom on buying Florida land
What happened at Lake Okeechobee, Florida, in the 1920s? hurricane caused the lake to flood and over 2,000 people died
What makes The Jazz Singer famous? It was the first "talkie" movie.
What was The Teapot Dome Scandal? a member of the President's cabinet was sent to prison for accepting bribes
What was the Kellogg-Briand Agreement? an agreement the United States made with several other countries banning war
What was David Sarnoff known for? set up RCA and started radio networks
What is Pittsburgh known for? first radio broadcast
Created by: Leon25123
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