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Biochemistry Matthew

Study flash cards for exam # 3 October 30th, 2009

Enzymes that transfer phosphate groupsd from one molecule to another are known qs phosphioreductases. T/F False
Physiolof]gically irreversible reactions are those that proceed with a relatively large overall gain in energy? False. The loss in energy is not enough energy to go back the other way.
The reactions of glycolosis occur only in specialized tissure sucj as the liver. False
Pyruvate dehydrogenase is the enzyme that converts pyruvic acid to phospho-enol pyruvate. False
The rates of enzyme catalyzed reactions are influnced by the temperature. True
Moleculal oxygen is a stronger oxidizing agent than NAD+ True
Glycolosis does not involve any oxidation-reduction reactions. False
Lipoic acid is a B vitamin. False.
Glucose can react directly with O2 to become CO2 and H20. True
Occaasionaly, there are biological reactions where ATP gets hydrolyzed directly to AMP. True
Anytime something gets oxidized, something else has to get reduced. True
It is possible to have comkpetitive enzyme reducers. False. They would have to go into the same spot as the substrate, therefore would not activate.
Carbohydrates contain morfe energy than fats becausew they are more oxidized. False.
In mammalian cells, lactic acid can't be oxidized under anaerobic conditions. True
The TCA cycle can be thought of as the central core of metabolism. True
The TCA cycle can be thought of as the central core of metabolism. Ture
Un-catalyzed chemical reaction rates get faster as the temperature is increased. Ture
The manufacturers of Theragram M claim that this multi-B vitamin product helps to "unlocl" the enwegy of your food. This claim is metabolically valid. True
Five coenzymes, or cofactors, are required to convert alpha keto glutarate to succinyl CoA. True. TPP, Lipoic Acid, CoA, FAD and NAD+
Enzyme catalyzed reactions get faster in direct proportion to the concentration of substrate. False. Should be [E].
Dehydrogenases are enzymes that catalyze the transfer of electrons from one molecule to another. True
Anaerobic metabolism and be damaging to a cell. Ture
Increasing the reaction temperature of a chemical reaction makes activation energy for that reaction more readily available. True
Most, if not all, of the water, when glucose is oxidized to CO2 and H2O, is produced in the TCA cycle. False
Body stores of carbohydrates are sufficient to meet the needs of the body for caloric energy for about 3 months. False
Non-competitive inhibitors of enzymes inhibit the enzyme by binding to an inhibitor binding fite on the enzyme that is different from the substrate binding site (active site). True
Pyruvate dehydrogenenase is a multi-enzyme complex. True
The TCA cycle is shysiologically reversible. False
ATP contains a B vitamin as part of its structure. False
Co-enzymes are proteins False
Oxidative phosphorylationj is a membrane transport process. True
Created by: loflyer52
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