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Unit 3

Colonial Rebellion

What were the colonists state of mind? 1. Colonists are more British than ever 2. Proclamation of 1763
Colonists are British than ever 1. Imported Goods 2. elimination of French 3. Colonial Assemblies
Proclamation of 1763 lands reserved for Indians, banned sale
Three major events of King George 1. Sugar Act of 1764 2. Stamp Act of 1765 3. Colonial Response
Sugar Act of 1764 raises duty on American sugar -attempt to end smuggling
Stamp Act of 1765 places duty/tax on almost all printed goods-first effort to raise money directly. -produced outrage
Colonial Response 1. Resolves against Stamp Act 2. Violence largely directed at property 3. Boycotts of British Goods 4. Sons of Liberty formed
Definition of Townshend Act placed duties on tea, glass, paper, paints and leads-to pay for salaries of governors/judges in colonies
What were three events of the Townshend crisis? 1. Boston Massacre March 1770 2. Tea Act 3. Response to Boston Tea Party=Intolerable Acts
Boston Massacre March 1770 British troops fire on Boston mob killing 5, wounding 6.
Tea Act 1. Passed in 1773 2. Boston Tea Party
Intolerable Acts 1. Closed Boston harbor until tea paid for 2. restructures Mass. charter new government
Three major events of Independence 1. 1775 Lexington and Concord 2. 1776 Common Sense 3. Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson " All men are created equal"
In 1754, what did the British empire renew? chronic warfare against the French for power around the globe
New England Colonies Bore... the brunt of the fighting, suffering raids by the French and their Indian allies
Britain sought to improve ___. coordination within the colonies and a greater enlistment of colonial men.
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