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Unit 8 Test

8th grade

Nullify cancel a law
John C. Calhoun Vice-President for Jackson - believed in States' Rights and Nullification
Spoils System Started by Andrew Jackson and carried on by other presidents. Allows the president to replace government officials with friends, loyal supporters, and people from his own party.
Corrupt Bargain John Quincy Adams stole the 1824 Election from Jackson by making a secret deal with Henry Clay. This led to voter qualifications regarding land ownership to be lifted and more people voted in 1828.
Protective Tariff Tax on foreign imports that protects American made goods and jobs
"Old Hickory" Nickname for Andrew Jackson - his men felt like he was as tough as Hickory wood
Electoral College System that elects the president - check system on the popular vote that is calculated by the number of representatives each state receives
Veto Constitutional power of the president to cancel bills he doesn't support
2nd National Bank of the U.S. President Jackson destroyed the Bank by vetoing it but also telling the Treasury Department to stop putting money into it
Jacksonian Democracy A form of democracy where common people had more involvement in government
Indian Territory - Oklahoma Many of the five civilized tribes were forced to move here on the Trail of Tears
Nullification Crisis The U.S. almost went into Civil War during this incident where South Carolina wanted to do away with the Tariff bill created by the U.S. Government.
Created by: ddriskill
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