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Progressive Era

An Upton Sinclair book about Chicago's meat-packing industry The Jungle
Organization that protects and supports African-Americans NAACP
Amendment that invented the nation's income tax 16th Amendment
Amendment that gave women voting rights 19th Amendment
A minority fought for their voting rights in this movement Women's suffrage movement
Where one race is separated from another race Segregation
26th President and part of the Rough Riders Theodore Roosevelt
To kill someone by hanging for no apparent reason Lynching
Group of journalists that exposed society's problems. Examples: Upton Sinclair, Jacob Riis, Ida Tarbell Muckrakers
Amendment where voters can elect Senators without the Government 17th Amendment
Supreme Court case that enforced segregated areas are as good as the areas for whites. Plessy V Ferguson
Movement to protect the world's natural resources Conservation movement
A "progressive party" formed by President Roosevelt after he lost to Taft. Bull Moose Party
Support for the improvement of society Progressives
Voters can remove an official through voting Recall
Used to break up monopolies Trustbusting
Conservation, Control of Corporations, Consumer Protection Square Deal
Allowed citizens to bypass state legislature Initiative
Direct vote whether to approve or repeal a law Referendum
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