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Clendenny 8 Soc Stud

American 20s

Quotas Set numbers for immigrants allowed into the country.
Red Scare Fear of communism and radicals
Sacco and Vanzetti Two immigrants accused of murder
19th Ammendment Women receive the right to vote
Scopes Trial Teacher arrested for teaching about evolution
18th Ammendment Alcohol is banned/ prohibited from being made or sold
Harlem Renaissance Flowering of black culture including art, music and literature
Speakeasies Secret bars that opened across the U.S. during prohibition
Flappers Young women who rebelled against traditional ways
Great Migration A period when 300,000 African Americans moved North,
Prohibition Period of time when it was illegal to produce or sell alcohol
Marcus Garvey Started the Universal Negro Improvement Association and believed in the Back to Africa Movement.
Al Capone Mob boss in Chicago
Bootlegger Smuggler of illegal alcohol during the Prohibition
Jazz Popular style of dance music in the 1920s.
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