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ASA 104

List four items that, when you are packing for your charter, should be packed in carry on luggage rather than checked baggage: Passport, credit card, charter documents, prescription medications, change of clothing
Most cruising boats have at least two bilge pumps. The __________ pump is powered by the batteries. (activated when the floats which senses water in the bilge), and the __________ pump is operated by hand Automatic, Manual
After first determining the dock's fresh water supply is __________, fill a cruising sailboat's freshwater tank through the __________ __________. Safe, deck plate
A freshwater pump cycling on and off when no one is using water indicates an open __________ or a __________ in the plumbing. Faucet, leak
When you have finished using the propane stove, first turn off the __________ __________ and let gas in the line burn off before you turn off the burner. Solenoid switch
To flush the marine head, first pump in some water, then pump sufficiently to ensure the waste reaches the __________ __________. Holding tank
To pump out a marine holding tank, first unscrew the __________ __________ __________, then hold the __________ __________ firmly in the waste outlet. Waste deck plate, pumpout nozzle
When a boat is not connected to shore power, the battery bank is recharged most effectively by the engine's __________ with the engine running at __________ RPMs or higher. Alternator, 1500
An inverter converts __________ electricity from the battery banks to __________ electricity. DC, AC
An emergency tiller fits into the top of the __________ __________ and can be used to steer the boat if the steering cables fail. Rudder stock
Diesel engine cooling is achieved by means of two systems. Anti-freeze used in the pressurized __________ system, and coolant flow is regulated by a __________. Internal, thermostat
The engine driven __________ __________ pump circulates seawater in the engines raw water cooling system. The pump's __________ is an important spare part to have on board. raw water, impeller
List four factors that affect a sailing vessel's range under power. Tank capacity, engine RPM, wind and waves, current, marine growth, vessel loading
List at least four repair items and spares that should be carried in addition to the boats basic toolkit. Cable ties, duct tape, WD 40, multi meter, short lines, impeller, fuel filters, engine oil, halyard, shackles, cotter pins, sail repair tape
The __________ style mainsail is hoisted with a halyard where an in-mast furling mainsail is deployed using the __________. Classic, outhaul
When setting a roller furling jib it is important to control the rate at which the sail deploys by taking a turn of the __________ line around a winch to prevent overrides from occurring in the furling __________. Furling, drum
Overpowered sails create excessive __________ to which a boat responds by turning into the wind. This response is known as __________ __________. Heeling, whether helm
To maintain a straight course with excessive weather helm, it is necessary to hold the __________ at a large angle, which causes drag and slows the boat. Rudder
When sailing to windward, maintain control in gusts by __________ (heading up until the gust passes) or ease the __________ using the sheet or traveler. Feathering, mainsail
When sailing on a broad reach in gusts, steer further downwind to reduce the __________ wind speed. Apparent
In constant true wind conditions, as you head up from a downwind course to an __________ course you will experience more __________ due to the increased apparent wind, and it may be necessary to __________ the sails. Upwind, heeling, reef
When sailing downwind, a __________ holds the boom to leeward to stop it from swinging around in lumpy seas and to prevent an accidental __________. Preventer, jibe
Prior to a reefing, it is possible to de-power the sails by any or all three methods: decreasing the sails angle of __________, adding __________, and flattening the sails. Attack, twist
Prepare your boat and crew for heavy weather by securely stowing gear, donning __________, harnesses and __________, and adjusting the sail plan by __________. PFDs, tethers, reefing
__________ is a technique using the engine and a mainsail only; it uses the increased __________ wind to contribute towards both __________ and stability. Motorsailing, apparent, speed
A skipper is responsible for the safety of the __________ and __________. While he may delegate tasks to an experienced __________, the skipper will always be held responsible. Crew, boat, crewmember
List at least four import and items of emergency equipment that should be located and checked before departure. Life jackets (or PFDs), fire extinguishers, horn, VHF radio, flares, bilge pumps
When controlling the dock line from onboard take at least one __________ around a cleat to take the load and avoid rope burns. Turn
When docking or undocking under power the two primary factors to assess are __________ and __________. Wind, current
The flow of water generated by the propeller is called __________ __________. Prop wash
The tendency for the stern of the boat with a right handed prop to move to __________ when reverse gear is first engaged is called __________ __________. Port, prop walk
To make a 180° turn in a limited space you must perform a __________ __________. On a boat with a right handed prop this entails turning to starboard with alternate bursts of __________ and __________ power. Standing turn, forward, reverse
When you encounter adverse wind conditions during docking or undocking, the use of __________ lines as well as the engine and the __________ will help you control the boat. Spring, rudder
The greater the tidal range, the longer the dock lines must be to allow the boat to __________ and __________ with the tide. Rise, fall
List three indications that your anchor may be dragging. Vibrating anchor chain, changes in range or bearings, closeness to another vessel
Two anchors set from the bow 45-60° apart is called a __________ __________. This method maximizes holding power and reduces __________. forked moor, swing
When approaching a mooring buoy, preparation and __________ between skipper and __________ are essential for a perfect pick up. planning (or communication), crew
The VHF radio is the primary means for making urging communications. Three levels of urgent calls are __________ for life threatening situations, __________ for nonlife turning situations and __________ for navigation or weather hazards. Mayday, pan pan, securite
The international regulations for the prevention of collisions at sea (COLREGS), published under the title __________ __________, establish actions to prevent collisions. Nevertheless, rule 2 states that __________ is responsible for avoiding a collision Navigation rules, everyone
At night a sailboat under sail may show a masthead __________ light alone. If under power, a boat must show a white __________ light above deck level sidelights. Tricolor, steaming (or masthead)
Before towing a dinghy, remove loose gear and tilt or a move the __________. When towing, use a __________ tow line, attach the dinghy securely to the sailboat, and tow it at a __________ behind the boat appropriate for the conditions. outboard, sturdy, distance
When arriving in a foreign country, you must fly the __________ flag just below your starboard a spreader. After clearing __________ and __________, you must lower it and fly the nation's courtesy flag in its place. Q flag, customs, immigration
A large scale chart shows a small geographic area in __________ detail. A small scale chart shows a large area in __________ detail. Great, less
To measure the distance between two points on a nautical chart, span your dividers between the two points, then measure on the latitude/longitude scale (circle one), where 1 minute = 1 __________ __________. Latitude, nautical mile
If the distance between waypoints A and B on your course is 18 nm and your speed is 5 knots, your Estimated Time Enroute is __________ hours. If you depart A at 0845, your ETA at B will be __________. 3.6, 1221
Your direction of intended travel is called the __________, but the path of the boat actually follows is the __________. A properly calculated and steered __________ will allow your course and track to be the same. Course, track, heading
Dead reckoning uses the boats __________, __________, and time elapsed to determine a DR position. A DR position does not incorporate __________ or leeway. Heading, speed, current
The intersection of two or more __________ __________ __________ gives a fix, which is the calculated position of the boat. Lines of position (or LOPs)
When navigating with a GPS plotter it's important to use the appropriate __________ to ensure you have the correct level of detail for safety. Zoom
The vertical datum from which soundings are referenced on NOAA charts is __________ __________ __________ __________. On British Admiralty charts, the vertical datum is __________ __________ __________. Mean lower low water, lowest astronomical tide
In the northern hemisphere mid-latitudes, wind circulates clockwise and outward from a __________ pressure system, and counterclockwise into a __________ pressure system. High, low
Using the rule of 15s, state the lower threshold wind speeds for: small craft advisory __________, gale __________, storm __________ and hurricane __________. 20 kt,35 kt, 50 kt, 65 kt
__________ fog forms on clear nights with __________ wind, and will burn off with the sun or dissipate in the wind. A fog that requires wind to transport warm air over cold water, and may persist even in strong winds is called __________ fog. Radiation, calm, advection
List at least three actions to take when navigating in low visibility. Take a fix, plot a course, slow down, make sound signals, hoist a radar reflector
Synoptic-scale describes weather patterns over a large area, but local winds may be strongly influenced by local factors such as __________. Terrain
An onshore breeze, driven by differential heating of land and sea, that may enhance or diminish the synoptic wind, is called a __________ __________. Sea breeze
List three measures to prevent seasickness: __________, __________, __________. Symptoms can be improved by taking the helm and scanning the __________. Rest, hydration, anti-seasickness medication, horizon
Contents of a marine first aid kit depend upon the number of __________ and the distance from __________ assistance. Crew, medical
While a hypothermic crew member should be treated by __________ warming, a patient with heat exhaustion needs rapid __________ and hydration. Slow, cooling
Distress signals are used to attract __________ when you need assistance. In coastal waters, the best way to communicate with rescue authorities is with your __________ __________. You can pinpoint your position visually for rescuers by using __________ Attention, VHF radio, flares
Should you be involved in a boating accident, you are required to make a formal report to the USCG if injuries are beyond __________ __________ or damages exceed __________. First aid, $2000
Rendering assistance to another __________ at sea is required by law. However, assistance should never exceed your level of capability and __________. Individual, training
Your choice of MOB maneuver depends on the boats point of __________, the wind and __________ conditions, and the skill and experience of those on board. Sail, sea
The final approach for a man overboard recovery should be on a __________ __________ to control the boat speed and to stop to windward/leeward (circle one) of the MOB. Close reach, windward
If you're propeller becomes fouled while motoring, your first action should be to shift to __________ gear. If the line is tightly wrapped, turning the __________ __________ from inside the boat may free the line. Neutral, prop shaft
If the diesel engine runs at irregular RPM, falters, and stops, the problem is due to an interruption in the __________ supply, probably due to a clogged primary fuel __________. Fuel, filter
Lack of cooling water will result in the engine __________. Stop the engine immediately and check for debris or other obstructions in the __________-__________ __________. Overheating, raw-water strainer
In the event of a steering failure, determine if you can steer with the autopilot. If you can't, fit the emergency __________ into the top of the rudder stock. Tiller
Upon grounding under sail, your first action should be to __________ the sails. If grounding under power, immediately shift into __________ gear. de-power the sails, neutral
List three common sources of onboard fires. Electrical, engines, fuel leaks, galley
Upon discovering water in the cabin, your first response should be to ensure the __________ __________ are on and working, and then to __________ the water to establish if the leak is fresh water or seawater. Bilge pumps, taste
Duty rotation is not only a great way to share the load but also provides those new to cruising with __________ and __________. Training, experience
When bringing provisions on board, leave the cardboard boxes / plastic bags (circle one) behind as they may contain the insects and their eggs. Cardboard boxes
Conserve cold air in the fridge with tactical food stowage: plan meals so you eat the most __________ items first, and __________ rummaging by packing meal items together. Perishable, minimize (or avoid)
Stow heavy sealed beverage items as high / low (circle one) in the boat as possible, and replenish the beverage cooler from this stock. Low
Skippers should plan on __________ __________ gallon of drinking water per person per day, and _________ gallons of water per day for bathing, dishes, etc.. one half, five
To keep batteries properly charged, expect to run the diesel engine at least __________ hours per day. Two
List three measures to help conserve domestic battery power. Switch off lights, use personal reading light, switch off fans, run fridge only when charging
Good practices towards maintaining a clean and happy boat include a daily seawater washdown of the __________, wiping the saloon table, and wiping up __________. Cockpit, spills
Before allowing crew to swim off the boat, deployed the __________ __________ and check for strong currents or shallow depths. Swim with a buddy, or post a __________. Swim ladder, look out
Cruising etiquette involves observing courtesies, including asking __________ to board or raft against another boat, and giving fishermen and race boats room to __________. Permission, maneuver
Flotillas offer a great way to gain experience by cruising in company with an experienced __________ __________ in a new sailing grounds. Flotilla leader
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