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SS Chap. 7 Vocab

SS Chapter 7 Vocabulary

skyscrapers very high buildings
Poland a flat country in Eastern Europe
Great Lakes make up the largest body of fresh water in the world
prairie a flat area thickly covered with tall grasses and wildflowers
Interior Plains the flat land located between the mountain ranges
livestock farm animals such as cattle, pigs, and chickens
Great Plains land that is mostly dry grassland. It slopes upward toward the west
drought a period of little or no rain
World Trade Center the tallest skyscraper in the United States
tornado a tunnel of wind that can move at speeds over 200 miles per hour
iron a metal used to make steel
Mesabi Range an area in Minnesota where large amounts of iron ore were found
lake effect creates a gentler climate in southern Michigan
steel used to build the first skyscrapers
corn the major crop of the Central Plains
wheat the major crop of the Great Plains
reclamation restoring mined land into such things as farms or parks
open-pit mining a method in which huge power shovels are used to dig out ore. It is also called strip mining.
Central Plains has land that is low. Gentle hills cover much of this land. This area gets plenty of rain.
5 Great Lakes Lake Huron, Lake Onterio, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Superior
Created by: P Hatting
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