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BHM Pd 7 2019

Period 7 Black History Month Projects 2019

Jazz Music originated from the start of the 20th century by black Americans usually consisting of improvisation, random changes of rhythm and a regular or forceful beat
Billy Strayhorn An American jazz musician, lyricist, pianist and composer who was is collaboration with Duke Ellington for over 20 years
Syncopation A variety of unexpected changes in music rhythm; an interruption or disturbance of regular rhythm
Segregation Setting things or people apart from other things or people; being set apart
Discrimination Unjust or prejudicial treatment of a specific group of people or things; for example: groups of a certain race, age, or sex
Lyndon B Johnson The 36th president of the United States; signed off on the Civil Rights Act of 1964
16th Street Baptist Church Bombing A bomb was set off at a Birmingham church killing four girls
Ku Klux Klan American white supremacy organization, still active today
Birmingham, Alabama city where the bombing took place
Wilma Rudolph Won three gold medals and was entered in the Olympic Hall of Fame for track and field
Clarksville, Tennessee city where Wilma was a talented basketball player
Orthopedic shoes Shoes Wilma was forced to wear until the age of 11, due to a disability
Chicago, Illinois one of the largest cities along Lake Michigan
Berklee college of music one of the largest independent schools for contemporary music
Ray Charles he was a legendary musician and worked with many people
Freedom Riders a series of political protests against segregation by blacks and whites who rode buses together in 1961
Boynton Decision a decision made in 1961 that said blacks and whites could not use the same restrooms and traveling resources
Mississippi a brutal place to live in the south in the 1960’s
1Nat King Cole:
Jack Benny Program this is where Nat King Cole made his final television appearance
Birmingham, Alabama this is where Nat King Cole was plotted against by over 100 white supremacists after an integrated performance
Nat King Cole Show Nat King Cole made history in 1956 becoming the first African American to host a variety TV series
Judge Earl Warren he was the head of the Supreme Court during the Aaron vs Cooper trial
Precedent an earlier event or action that is regarded as example guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances
William G Cooper this man was the superintendent at the Little Rock, Arkansas Independent School District
Reverend Bevel A civil rights activist for equality
16th Street Baptist Church- where the activists participating in the march met up afterward Birmingham, Alabama
Eugene “Bull” Connor a racist public safety commissioner
Southern Christian Leadership Conference a civil rights organization
Grinnell College a college in Chicago where Heriberto Hancock went
Chicago Symphony symphony of classical music players in the Chicago area
“Taking Off” Herbie Hancock’s debut album
Composer classical music writer
Grammy Award award for outstanding music or songs
Created by: dsalvucci