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SS8CG1-SS8CG3 Kayla


How many articles are in Georgia's state constitution? 11
What does the judicial branch determine? Whether or not laws are constitutional
The term separation of powers refers to the designation of certain powers to each of the three branches of the government
According to the system of checks and balances, the judicial branch has the power to declare a law unconstitutional
What is the process by which a person from another country can become an American citizen? natuarlization
How old must person be to vote in Georgia today? 18 years old
Which group by race and gender had the highest participation in the 2000 election in Georgia? white females
What are two parts of Georgia's legislative branch? senate and house of representatives
Which is an example of a permanent legislative committee? standing
What is the correct sequence for a bill to become a law? 1. The bill is assigned to committee. 2. Copies of bills are given to legislature. 3. The governor may sign the bill. 4. The bill is sent to full chamber. 2-1-4-3
What happens to a bill passed by the legislature if the governor does not veto it, but does not sign it? The bill becomes a law
According to Georgia's constitution how many consecutive years can a lieutenant governor serve in that capacity? undefined number of years
The chief executive officer of the state governor
Which office maintains the state's official records and supervises elections? Secretary of State
Which elected state official controls the administration of state and federal education funds? state school superintendent
When a bill is passed, it is carried by a messenger to the senate for consideration
How many members are of the House of Representatives? 180
What were the first political parties in the U.S.? Federalists and Antifederalists
Why are third parties important? They keep one party from becoming too powerful
What is the largest branch of government? The executive branch
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