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government and civics nderstanding

How many articles are in Georgia's state constitution? 11
What was the purpose of the Georgia Constitution? To make and enforce laws and to collect revenue for Georgia's citizens.
What are naturalized citizens? People who were born in other countries who chose to become American citizens and give up their citizenship in those other countries.
How old must a person be to vote in Georgia? 18 yearsold
When is a general election held? In November in at least every even-numbered year.
Which age group had the highest voter turnout in the 2000 general election in Georgia? Age 60-64
Which group by race and gender had the highest participation in he 2000 election? White females
What is the definition of sovereignty? The concept that power and authority rest with the citizens.
Whats the definition of federalism? A system where the national,state,and local governments share power over the same land and people.
What is it called when a person comes from another country and wants to become an american citizen? Immigration
How long is the term for a member of the GGA? 2 years
Whats an example of a permanent legislative committee? Standing
What are the 2 parts of Georgia's legislative branch? The Senate and House of Representatives
What is a bill? A proposed law that affects how the state raises or spends money
How many rights are included in GA's bill of rights? 28
Whats are the main purposes of the legislative, executive, and judicial branch? executive~ veto bills legislative~ impeach officials judicial~ determine whether or not laws are constitutional
What financial responsibility does a citizen have toward the government? paying taxes
What are 3 requirements to vote in GA? You must be at least 18 -A resident of GA and the county you vote in -A citizen of the US
What type of legislation must begin in House of Reps? appropriation bills
To which legislative committee are tax bills assigned? Ways and Means Committee
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