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BHM Pd 1 2019

Period 1 Black History Month Period 1 Projects

West Computers an all-African-American all-female group of mathematicians who worked as human computers at NACA (later known as NASA)
NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics- changes to NASA in 1958 (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Friendship 7 name of spacecraft that enabled astronaut John Glenn to circle the Earth three times
Ted Skopinski Katherine's coworker who co-authored a report with her, (the first time a woman in the Flight Research Division had received credit as an author of a research report)
Barack Obama awarded Katherine the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015
Montgomery Bus Boycott mass protest against the bus system in 1955-1956
boycott withdrawing from an organization as a form of protest
MIA Montgomery Improvement Association
WPC Women’s Political Court
Martin Luther King Jr a minister and activist in the civil rights movement
Rosa Parks: an African American woman who triggered the Montgomery Bus Boycott and was an activist in the civil rights movement
Malcolm X an American Muslim minister and violent human rights activist
Nation of Islam An African American political and religious movement, founded in Detroit, Michigan
Black Supremacy the belief that the African American race is superior to all other races
Racism the hatred of a race of people
Activist a person who campaigns to bring about political or social change
Youth March for Integrated Schools the first of two youth marches on Washington; done to demonstrate support for ongoing efforts to end racially segregated schools in the United States
Peaceful protest expressing disapproval through a statement or action without the use of violence
Martin Luther King Jr an American Baptist minister and prominent civil rights activist in the 1950s and 1960s
Integration the intermixing of people or groups previously segregated(in this case black and white schools)
Integration the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality
Apollo 16 A manned lunar mission in 1972 with the goals of exploring the surface of the moon
Science & Engineers Apprentice Program A program created by Geroge Carruthers that allows high school students to spend a summer at the US Naval Research Facility
Spectrograph A scientific instrument that separates the spectrum of light and allows for the analysis of stars and other celestial bodies
Image Converter One of Carruthers's inventions
George Robert Carruthers An African American physicist who invented many scientific instruments regarding the observation of light waves and radiation
15th amendment The amendment signed after the Civil War that gave former slaves the right to vote
Voting Rights Act of 1965 Signed in on August 6th, 1965, denying the government ability to discriminate voting rights
Grandfather clauses Those that could vote before 1866/1867 or their descendants would not have to meet various requirements for voting
Poll taxes A type of tax not affected by property ownership or income that affects a citizen’s right to vote
Literacy tests Reading and writing tests given before people could be eligible to vote
Jim Crow laws any of the laws that enforced racial segregation in the South between the end of Reconstruction in 1877
American Civil RIghts Association The association behind challenging the Jim Crow laws as constitutional
Separate Car Act states could not prohibit segregation on common carriers such as railroads, streetcars, or riverboats
Jim Crow minstrel routine produced and performed by a white comedian named Thomas Dartmouth Rice
John Allen Hendrix Jimi Hendrix’s real name
Chas Chandler Jimi Hendrix's manager
Electric Ladyland An album by Jimi Hendrix that was released in 1969
Ukulele This was the first instrument Jimi Hendrix ever played
Mitch Mitchell The drummer of Jimi Hendrix Experience
First rays of the new rising son The album Jimi hendrix was working on before he died
Are you Experienced Jimi Hendrix's first and most popular album
NOI Nation of Islam
Islam The religion of Muslims
Supremacist One who believes that there said organization, race, sex, or others are superior to all others
Temples The place where those of the Muslim or Islamic faith go to worship
Quran The sacred text within Islam
Mecca Where Muhammad was born
Rock & Roll A type of music which draws inspiration from both blues and folk music with parts that are heavily accented and repeated
Pioneer A person who is the first to said area or field
Blues A type of music that is at times sung both slow and low
Licks A short series of notes in a solo or melody
Showmanship To show skill or ability
Columbia University where Hughes forcefully attended college to study engineering
The Negro Speaks of Rivers poem by Hughes published when he was a teen
Joplin, Missouri birthplace of Langston Hughes
Great Dark City Hughes name for Harlem
Lincoln University- PA university that Hughes got a scholarship to and attended
Jim Crow Laws exemplified by the 24th amendment
24th amendment got rid of poll tax
August 27, 1962 date that the amendment was proposed
January 23, 1962 date that the amendment was passed
Poll Taxes ended by the 24th amendment
Orval Eugene Faubus Governor of Arkansas who used the Arkansas National Guard to block the entrance of the school
Central High Definition
Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka Landmark Supreme Court Case that ruled separate is not equal in schools
Ernest Green The first african American to graduate from Central High
Screaming Eagles The 101st Airborne Division that escorted the nine into Central High
Minnijean Brown One of the nine who fought back against racist classmates and was expelled from Central High
NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
LCCR Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, which was founded in part by Roy
Minnesota Daily Roy’s college newspaper where he was an editor
Crisis Magazine NAACP magazine that was formerly edited by W
March on Washington A protest held in Washington D
Margaret Johnson The name that Maya Angelou was born to
Civil Rights Movement A transitional period of a political, economical, and social justice for minorities
Trailblazer Someone who paves the way for others aspiring success
Activist Those who campaign to bring about a political change
Memoirist A person who writes memoirs
Terrorist A group or organization that perform attacks on specific racial or religious groups
Ku Klux Klan A group of terrorists who targeted African Americans
Dynamite Type of explosive that causes mass destruction
Rendezvous A meeting place
Congregation A gathered body for religious worship
Civil rights activist a leader of a potential movement trying to give equality to different people
Enterprise a project or task one that requires effort
Vocalist someone who sings and performs normally jazz or pop music groups
Change when you want something different to happen to benefit people
Songwriter/ performer- someone who writes their own songs and performs them to an audience
1964 Civil Rights Act law in the us that doesn’t allow discrimination based on race, color, and sex
Desegregation a process to end segregation based on race
15th Amendment lets anyone vote no matter their race
Civil something that is right known as being polite
Accommodations changing something to make it suitable for others
The St. Paul Appeal An African American weekly newspaper where Roy was an editor.
Crisis Magazine NAACP magazine that was formerly edited by W. E. B. DuBois
Created by: dsalvucci