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Chapter 8 Exam

Chapter 8 and the Bill of Rights

First Capital New York City
Inauguration Ceremony in which the President takes the Oath of Office
First job of George Washington Set up the government
3 Departments set up by Congress Treasury, State, and War
Secretary of War Henry Knox
Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson
Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton
Judiciary Act of 1789 Set up the Federal Court System
Supreme Court Main Job: Hear appeals from states
Cause of US debt The American Revolution
Bond Certificate issues by government for a certain amount of money that the government promises to pay back with interest
Hamilton's Financial Plan (3 parts) 1) US Government would assume all federal and state debt 2) US Government would establish a National Bank 3) US Government would impose a high tariff
Tariff Tax on imports
Which states were against Hamilton's plan? Why? Southern states. Many had already paid back their debts
Compromise with Hamilton and Southern states Build a capital between Maryland and Virginia
Loose interpretation Congress has the power to make all laws that are "necessary and proper" to fulfill its duties
Strict interpretation The Constitution permits only what is specifically said
Whiskey Rebellion Tax on whiskey led to open rebellion
Faction Organized political group
How long did Washington serve as POTUS? 2 terms
Election of 1796 John Adams elected POTUS
Republican Motherhood Idea that women played an important role in teaching their children to be good citizens
US in the 1790s - 13 States - Very few well-educated - Mostly rural
John Jay Sent to tray and end British impressment; signed Jay's Treaty
French Revolution Supported by most Americans at first
Neutral To not take sides
Jay's Treaty - Britain would pay for ships seized - Britain would withdraw troops from the NW Territory - Britain would stop helping Native Americans
Washington's Farewell Address - Warned against political parties - Warned against getting caught up in foreign affairs - Warned against getting too much debt
Washington's Accomplishments - US avoided war - US economy started to improve - US had a fully functioning gov
XYZ Affair French government wanted the US to pay a $250,000 bribe AND lend them several million dollars
Alien Act aimed at immigrants and stated that the POTUS could deport or imprison outsiders or foreigners he considered dangerous
Sedition Act - Limited free speech - Made it a crime for anyone to say or write anything false about the POTIS, Congress, or gov in general - Targeted Republicans
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