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Social Studies

Chapter 9

Where did World War I start in 1914? Europe
Great Britain, Russia, France and Italy were... Allies
What did most Americans want to remain? neutral
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey were... Central powers
Who was the president that tried to be a peacemaker? Woodrow Wilson
When the German submarines began attacking U.S. ships, the United States joined the war on which side? Allies side
What was it called when African Americans and others moved to Ohio and other places to find fair jobs? The great migration
About how many Ohioans served during World War I? 225,000
What famous Ohioan was a pilot during World War I and won 26 air battles? Edward V. Rickenbacker
What is it called when people loaned the government money in order to pay for the war and in return they were given a written promise of the money back after the war? War bond
What did women do during the war? served as nurses
Ohioans began to lose trust with what country? Germany
What was the 1920s called that was a period of success, excitement, and good times for many Americans? The roaring 20s
What was a right that women demanded? right to vote
What became an important part of family entertainment? radio and movies
Where is the oldest radio station WHK at? Cleveland, OH
Who starred in westerns and comedies which were some of the first movies? Charlie Chaplin
By the 1920s what did almost every American own? a car
Where did cars allow people to move to? suburbs
What state was at the center for the automobile industry? Ohio
What amendment granted women the right to vote? 19th Amendment
Who was elected to serve as a judge on the Ohio Supreme Court? (first female) Florence E. Allen
What was the time in history called beginning in 1929 and lasting throughout the 1930s when the economy slowed down and millions of people lost their jobs? The Great Depression
What are shares or parts of ownership in a company which led to the Great Depression? stocks
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt promised a change with his program of? The New Deal
Which plan lent money to banks and businesses to keep them going? New Deal
Sports helped to cheer people up during the Great Depression, especially this young man from Cleveland? Jesse Owens
Where was World War II fought? Asia, Europe, and Africa
Britain, France, United States, and Soviet Union Allies
Germany, Italy, and Japan Axis
Why did the United States enter World War II? Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
How many men and women served in WW II? 839,000
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