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Describe the differences in the soil between the North and the South. The North was rocky, the south was soft and fertile. The North also had major waterways.
which kinds of farms people in both the North and South would own. Northern Farmers had small, subsistence style farms, Southerns farmers had huge plantations with slaves on it.
Explain the lifestyles of rich Southern planters compared to that of Northern Capitalists and poor Southern farmers. Rich Southern Farmers had a lifestyle full of luxury and study as they had the wealth to own slaves
Understand the concept of urbanization and how this causes Northern subsistence farmers to adapt. Urbanization led Northern farmers to move to the factories in order to get new manufacturing jobs to earn more money for themselves and their families.
the differences between the economic systems of the North vs the South during the Industrial Revolution. The south gets its money from the farms and and slavery and the north gets it from the factories and waterways. They both have labor in some way with th north having children and the south having slaves.
Telegraph The telegraph led to rapid comms throughout the United States Cotton Gin The cotton gin allowed Southern Farmers to massively increase their harvest size leading to a expansion of slavery.
Canals Canals mostly helped the North due to its rapid flowing water-ways. Railroads Railroads affected both sides equally, the ability to move a large amount of supplies quickly and effectively over any terrain was extremely helpful.
The Factory System The Factory System
Steamboats Steamboats affected both the North and the South as they provided yet another means of fast transportation.
Improved Threshers Threshing machines allowed cotton to be refined more quickly, impacting the South more.
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