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World His U2Q Review

Vocab from Greece, Hellenistic Civ, and Rome

Polytheistic Greek religion that believed in gods with human flaws and myths that explained natural events Mythology
Type of government where the citizens vote on laws Direct Democracy
Type of government where the people chose leaders who vote on laws Representative Democracy (Republic)
a time of peace and prosperity. This Rome during the Pax Romana after the reign of Augustus Golden Age
City State in Greece know for its warriors, equality of citizens, and women having greater rights Sparta
City state in Greece that was the commercial and cultural center and developed the first direct democracy Athens
Wars that united the Greeks and caused a Golden Age Persian Wars
Wars where Athens and Sparta fought each other weakening them and allowing Macedonians to conquer Peloponnesian Wars
Declared himself emperor after beating Pompey (another Roman General) in Battle. he was also assassinated by the Senate Julius
Group of Elected leaders in Rome that made the laws (Twelve Tables) Senate
Two people who were elected to govern Rome for 1 year at a time. Consuls
Emperor of Rome. Caesar
Emperor who was crowned as Caesar by the Senate and and officially turned Rome into a Monarchy. He also started Pax Romana. Augustus Caesar
3 person government (oligarchy) that was put in power in Rome by the Senate and Assembly to try to fix Rome's problems. Triumvirate
Roman Emperor known for persecuting Chrisitians Nero
Roman Emperor that stopped the persecution of Christians after seeing a vision at the Battle of Milvian Bridge Constantine
Religion that spread quickly in Rome after based on the teaching of Jesus Christianity
Roman polytheistic religion Paganism
Rich class in Rome Patrician
Lower class in Rome Plebeian
Person who Can Vote. In Greece they had to be an adult male who owned land. Citizen
Using your Reason/Intelligence to solve problems of hociety, government, human nature. Philosophy
Makes Christianity the official Roman Religion Theodosius
Macedonian King who conquered Egypt, Persia, and Indus Valley and spread Greek culture. Started the Hellenistic Period. Alexander The Great
Tribes of Europe that invaded and conquered Western Rome. Germanic People
Hosting gladiator games, chariot races, and giving away food to distract the masses of Rome from the problems that the emperors were creating Bread and Circus
Roads, Aqueducts, Coliseum, Pantheon Roman Infrastructure
When Jews were exiled from their homeland after the Maccabean Rebellion Jewish Diaspora
Where Constantine saw a vision and decided to stop persecuting Christians. He later converted to Christianity Battle at Milvian Bridge
Attacked Rome, Gupta India, and Han China trying to pillage. They led to the decline of Rome and Gupta but not China. Huns
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