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Chapter 11-8th SS

What are the differences between the South´s soil and the North´s? The North has rocky and infertile soil. The South has soft and fertile soil.
What types of farm´s does the North and South own? The North has family farms. The South has plantations worked by slaves.
What was the lifestyle like for Southern plantation owners? Filled with luxury and leisure.
What is Urbanization and how did it affect North Northern farmers? Urbanization is making cities and moving to one area. This causes Northern farmers to adapt by selling their farms and moving into the city to work in a factory.
What were the economic systems for the North and South? The economic systems of the North during the Industrial Revolution was it was booming and the used manufacturing. However, the South used farms and plantations to make their income.
What was the purpose for the Telegraph? To communicate with others around the country, affected both
What was the purpose of the Cotton Gin? Sorts cotton and speeds up the processing time, affected South
What was the purpose of the canal? Allowed boats to reach more places, affected Midwest
What was the purpose of the railroads? Faster Transportation for materials, affected both
What was the purpose of the Factory System? Established factories, affected North
What was the purpose of Steamboats? Steam engine to power a boat by itself, affected South
What was the purpose of improved thresher? Speeded up the harvesting of grains, affected Midwest
What was the purpose of Howe´s sewing machine? It could sew seams in fabrics, affected both
How were African Americans treated in the North and South? Similarities- Do not have basic rights, are treated badly, and their kids cannot go to school. Differences- North has freedom, South is enslaved, and South does not have clothes and are whipped.
How did the Industrial North relate to the Plantation South during the Industrial Revolution? Similarities- Good business, used some form of slavery, and invented new tools. Differences- North manufactured goods, South used plantations, and North developed quicker.
What did Nat Turner lead? A slave rebellion
Elizabeth Stanton was... a womens right activist
Who were Harriet Tubman and Fredrick Douglass? Abolonist fro slavery
Created by: cem8507
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