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Civil War Battles

Dates and information on the most important battles. From the NAQT website.

Date of the Fort Sumter April 12, 1861
Where did Fort Sumter take place? Charleston, South Carolina
Information on Fort Sumter Started the American Civil War. Jefferson said it needed to be taken in order to win the war. Union General Robert Anderson refused to surrender, shots were fired and he surrendered two days later.
Date of the First Bull Run/First Massacre July 21, 1861
Where did First Bull Run/First Massacre take place? Manassas, Virginia
Information on First Bull Run/ First Massacre Confederate PGT Beauregard led a fight against Union Irwin McDowell.
Date of Battle of Hampton Roads March 9, 1862
Where did Hampton Roads take place? Channel in Southeastern Virginia
Information on Hampton Roads Fought between Confederate's Merrimack (renamed Virginia) and the Union Monitor. Result inconclusive
Date of the Shiloh/Pittsburg Landing Battle April 6-7, 1862
Where did Shiloh/Pittsburg Landing Battle take place? Hardin County, Tennessee
Information on Shiloh/Pittsburg Landing Confederate commander Albert Sidney Johnston led a force from Mississippi, Ulysses S. Grant brought 5 Union divisions to fight. Union victory
Date of the Peninsular Campaign March-July 1862
Where did Peninsular Campaign take place? Southeastern Virginia
Information on the Peninsular Campaign Union commander George McClellan devised this plan to capture the Confederate capital at Richmond, Southern commander Joseph Johnston detached a force to defend the peninsula.Failed campaign
Date of the Second Bull Run/Second Manassas August 29-30, 1862
Where did the Second Bull Run/Second Manassas take place? Pushed Lee and Jackson
Information on the Second Bull Run/Second Manassas Won by Lee, Jackson pushed Union forces back to Washington DC. President Lincoln had replaced McClellan with John Pope, Lee took Jackson's troops behind the Pope, Jackson detained Pope's men at Manassas while Lee sent James Longstreet to crush Pope's left
How did Thomas Jackson get his nickname as "Stonewall Jackson"? The Confederacy routed the Union when Thomas Jackson's brigade held the left line at Henry House Hill; this effort earned him the nickname "Stonewall."
Date of the Antietam/Sharpsburg September 17, 1862
Where did the Antietam/Sharpsburg take place? Sharpsburg, Maryland
Information on the Antietam/Sharpsburg Bloodiest battle of the war, Lee marched his army toward Sharpsburg Creek as Jackson's forces captured Harper's Ferry, Virginia, and rushed to reunite with Lee.
Date of the Fredericksburg/Marye's Heights December 13, 1862
Where did the Fredericksburg/Marye's Heights take place? Spotsylvania County and Fredericksburg, Virginia
Information on the Fredericksburg/Marye's Heights Union commander Ambrose Burnside tried to cross the Rappahannock River in a march toward Richmond.
Where did the Antietam/Sharpsburg take place?
Date of the Fredericksburg/Marye's Heights December 13, 1862
Spotsylvania County and Fredericksburg, Virginia
Union commander Ambrose Burnside tried to cross the Rappahannock River in a march toward Richmond. He met Lee's forces, which routed them and confederates won.
Date of Vicksburg Campaign April 29-July 4, 1863
Where did the Vicksburg Campaign take place? Was a series of maneuvers and battles in the Western Theater
Information on the Vicksburg Campaign This was launched by Grant to take control of Mississippi River and cut the west Confederate states from the east. Grant ordered regiments led by James McPherson, John McClernand and William Tecumseh Sherman through west of the Mississippi to Hard Times.
Date of the Battle of Chancellorsville May 1-4, 1863
Where did the Battle of Chancellorsville take place? Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Information on the Battle of Chancellorsville Lincoln called on "Fighting Joe" Hooker to command union forces. Jackson moved around Hooker and counterattacked the Union flank. Union troops led by John Sedgwick then retreated. South Victory
Date of the Battle of Gettysburg July 1-3, 1863
Where did the Battle of Gettysburg take place? Adams County, Pennsylvania
Information on the Battle of Gettysburg Lee, along with Longstreet, A.P. Hill, and Richard Ewell, led the southern Pennsylvania attack; J.E.B. Stuart was supposed to watch Union movement with his team but strayed so far east of Gettysburg that his force did not return until the second day.
Who replaced Hooker as leader of the Union side in the Battle of Gettysburg? George Meade
What is famous about the Battle of Gettysburg? George Pickett led his famous "charge" through open fields. It was the farthest northwest confederate advancement. It was a turning point of the war.
Date of the Chattanooga Campaign September and November 1863
Where did the Chattanooga Campaign take place? Tennessee
Information on the Chattanooga Campaign Union General William Rosecrans forced Confederate commander Braxton Bragg out of the city. At Chickamauga, Bragg and Longstreet forced Rosecrans into a war at Chattanooga. Hooker took Lookout Mountain in the southwest, in the "Battle Above the Clouds."
Date of the Wilderness Campaign May 5-June 12, 1864
Where did the Wilderness Campaign take place? This was several battles in Virginia
Information on the Wilderness Campaign The first clash between Grant and Lee was a series of conflicts started with Battle of the Wilderness. At Spotsylvania Court House, Meade assaulted Lee's men, but they repelled Meade at the Bloody Angle. Union Victory
Date of the Petersburg Campaign June 1864-April 1865
Where did the Petersburg Campaign take place? Petersburg, Virginia
Information on the Petersburg Campaign After Cold Harbor, Grant moved south to siege a railroad hub. Miners destroyed Confederate line with gun powder; this "Battle of the Crater" killed many. This led to Lee's surrender to Grant at Appomattox Court House one week later, ending the Civil War.
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