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the diary anee frank

who is anne frank the daughter of otto frank and the amanzing writer of her diaray
who is otto frank the father of anne frank and leader of the secret annex
who is edith frank the mother of anne frank and wife of otto frank
who is margot frank annes older sister
who was mr.van dann he is one of otto franks workers that is also a jew that is in hiding
who was mrs vann dann the wife of mr van dann
who was peter vann dann the son of mr vann dann and mrs van dann
who is mr dussel he was going into hiding because nazis were looking for him because he is a jew
who is miep she is a dutch girl that works in the offices and helps out the franks in the secret annex
who is mr kraler the man that helps get food and other things for the franks
who is aldolf hitler the nazi leader and he is a real asshole
why did anne get her diary to write what happens everyday in the secret annex
what is the hiding place called the secret annex
where does the story take place (city) poland
what type of hobbies does anne have writing in her diary and dancing
what restrections did they have in the secret annex they could not use the water forsecpt only certian hours of the day
why did the franks go into hiding earlier then expected nazis were looking for any jews and taking jews to nthe terrible conectration camps
how does anne get along with her mother, sister, and father anne dose not get along with her mother but she gets along great with her sister and father
why is the radio so imporant to the secret annex they need it to listen on what is happened in the war
who helped out the franks on a daily miep and mr kraler
what concertration camp was anne first sent to a camp in holland
what concentration camp did anne die at a camp in beslen
what was anne and peters relationshp between each other they are starting to get close to each other and i think they love each other
who spilled milk on mrs vann dan fur coat anne frank
what is used to hide the secret annex door a book case
who breaks into the warhouse and what do they steal the thief and he stole the money box
what bad habits do mr vann dann have he steals the food at night
who is caught stealing food mr vann dann was the one who got caught
what is the first thing that happeans in the story the flash back that mr frank has about the secret annex
Created by: cdaley
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