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Micro Jeopardy Final

Which parasite produces an egg that looks like a football? Trichuris trichiura
Which parasite has eggs that hatch around the perianal area while you are asleep and causes relentless itching? Enterobius vermicularis
Which parasite has been known to cause bladder cancer in chronic cases? Schistosoma haematobium
Which parasite has suckers and forms cysts in the brain? Taenia solium
What do damaged viruses use to replicate? helper viruses
What parasitic group lives in permanent copulation and always has a smile? schistosoma
What ectoparasite has larva (aka. Maggots) that can dwell in a breast, eye, or leg? Flies that cause myiasis
What nematode causes tumor-like skin nodules to develop and causes a condition known as “river-blindness”? Onchocerca volvulus (vectored by the black fly)—“oncho” means tumor
What bacterium forms spores and infects wool sorters and causes black skin lesions? Bacillus anthrax
What roundworm is often associated with hospitals and immune-compromised people? Strongyloides stercoralis (just think that hospitals are supposed to be sterile)
What parasite can jump high and serve as a vector for tapeworm larvae? flea
What protozoan has a monkey face and is also known as beaver feaver? Giardia lamblia
Which fungus is considered part of the normal microbial flora of the mouth and vagina and can infection in immune-compomised people? Candida Albicans
What vector is present on the east coast and transits the borrelia bacterium that causes Lyme disease? tick
What viral disease deposits immune complex in the skin and forms a characteristic rash? Measles
What bacterium is considered normal flora and is a common source for food borne illness? E. coli
What parasite loves feces and attacks the intestinal lining and liver and has a karysome? Entamoeba histolytica
What virus requires an enzyme to write the genetic code in DNA from RNA? retro virus
What form of asexual reproduction, used by protozoans, involves a division into two equal parts? binary fission
What parasite uses the mosquito as a vector and produces larvae in blood or tissue? Filariasis
What vector can contain malarial parasites? Mosquito
What parasite forms cysts in brain and muscle? Tanea solium (kind of a repeat question)
What parasite lives in the crotch and causes pubic lice (aka. Crabs)? pubic louse
What parasite forms hydatid cysts? Echinococcus granulosus
What mechanism do parasites use to wall themselves from the host immune responses? the formation of a cyst
What type of transmission is passed from the healthcare provider to the patient? Iatrogenic
What virus can produce lesions on the lip, genitals, and brain? Herpes
What parasites have an oral sucker, as well as ovaries and testes (hermaphrodite)? Trematodes (aka. Flatworms)
What virus is known to attack cruise ships and cause violent diarrhea? Noro Virus (aka. Norwalk Virus)
If H5N1 (avian flu) is transmitted from a chicken to a farmer, what type of transmission is this? Zoonotic (specifically horizontal)
What are the sexual spores called that form in zygomycetes? Sporangiospores
What types of bacteria are unable to grow in the absence of oxygen? obligate aerobes
What is known is the tendency of a virus to infect a certain organ based on pH and oxygen tension among other factors? Tropism
When a mother transmits a disease to her fetus, what type of transmission is this? vertical transmission
What term refers to a disease remaining at a constant level of infection in a particular area? endemic
What long thin structure is present in guardia, trichimonas, and E. Coli? flagella
What type of transmission causes infection by flu, whooping cough, and tuberculosis? airborne transmission
What resistant structure is found in spore forming bacteria and fungi? spores
What types of viruses tend to replicate in the cytoplasm? RNA viruses (they have inclusion bodies)
What is the method of reproduction used by candida albicans? budding
What bacterial component causes shock in a patient infected with shigella and cholera? Endotoxin (LPS)-from gram negative bacteria
When you have a sudden increase in the number of cases of disease within a particular area, what is this called? an epidemic
What type of host was typhoid Mary? A carrier (she carried salmonella typheses)
What geometrical structure packages viral DNA components? capsid
What capsulated fungus is often seen in the lungs of HIV/AIDs patients? Cryptococcus neoformans
What test is used to diagnose diseases by detecting pathogen DNA? PCR
What fungus has a last name the means black? tinea nigra
What do defective viruses require to function? helper viruses
What parasite encysts the metacaria form in fish? Clonorchis sinensis Opisthorchis sinensis
Created by: bmensen