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Southeast Quiz

Social Studies

1A. In what year did the Civil War begin? 1B. How long did it last? 1A. 1861. 1B. Four years.
Why was it called, a CIVIL War? It was called a Civil War because one regon split in two and fought eachother.
What were the Northern states known as? The Union.
What were the Southern states known as? The Confederacy.
What is another name for the Civil War? The war between the states.
What was the main issues that caused the war? Slavery callsed the Civil War.
Why did the Southern states "secede" (pull out) of the U.S.A when Abraham Lincoln was running for president? The Southern states seceded when Abraham Lincoln was running for president because Abraham Lincoln agreed with the Northern states that slavery should be illigule.
What dose Reconstruction mean? Reconstruction means is a period of time after the the Civil War when the South's building and its economy were rebuilt.
What were some of the things that the South did to help rebuild their region after the Civil War? They rebuild rail roades , schools, farmes, and houses.
What was the Civil Rights Act of 1964? The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was secrgated schools and public areas where not allawod.
What attracts tourists to Florida in the winter? The wether attracts tourists to Florida because in the winter months Florida is nice and warm.
What is the ranrge of tempratures in Florida during the winter months? THe rang is 50 to 60 in the north of Florida and in the south is 60 and over
Why do you think Louisiana is one of the rainiest states? I think Louisiana is one of the rainiest states because it is next to the gulf of Mexico and the gulf of Mexico is very stormy.
What is the average yearly rainfall in Louisiana? The average is 57 inches.
What is a hurricane? A hurricane is ALOT of rain and is a natural disaster.
When does hurricane season occur? Hurricane season occurs from June to November.
Why are lighthouses built in different shapes and colors? So sailors could know where their are.
What is a key? A key is a very low island.
1A. What are barrier island? 1B. How were they formed? 1A. The barrier islands are long low islands. 1B. Barrier islands were formed by glachers and when the glachers melted the barrier island where left their.
1A. What are the outer coastal plains and inner coast plains? 1B. How are they the same? 1C. How are they different? 1A. The outer coastal plains and inner coastal are wetlands. 1B. The outer and inner coastal plains are the same because they are plains. 1C. They are different because the outer coastal plains is a flat area and has a low elevtion and the inner has high
What are wetlands? Wetlands are a area of land, and some are coverd with water.
What is the Piedmont? The word Piedmont comes from feat of the mountains.
What is the fall line? A fall line is a thing that marks the boundry between Piedmont and the coastal plains
1A. what is the Appalchia region? 1B.Describe some of its resources. 1A. Its a area around the Appalachian Mountains. 1B. the resources are coal and its dense forest.
What Southeast states make up parts of Appalachia? Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.
The Southeast is rich in natural resources . Natural resources include land, oceans, forests, mineral, and fuels.Land was the first natural resource that attracted people to the Southeast. Growing crops and raising animals was the Southeast's largest industry for many years. An industry is all the businesses that produce one kind of good or provide one kind of service.
Today, many industries are important to the region including the coal mining industry, the steel making industry, the lumber industry, and the oil industry. Almost half of the peanuts grown in the U.S. are grown in Georgia. The business of growing crops and raising animals, is an important business in the Southeast. The Southeast is good for growing crops because of its flat land, rich soil, and long growing season. Southern farmers can grow crops for most of the year.
Everyone loves Georgia's peaches and Florid's citrus fruits! Other farmers produce rice, cotton, tobacco, sugar cane, and peanuts.Because it produces so many food products, the southeast has become a center for food processing. Cotton is on of many crops that are produced in the Southeast.Because it grows so much cotton, the Southeast is t center of our country's textile industry. Many Southerners work in cotton mills and textile factories. They make yarn, cloth, and carpets.
Trees are also raised as a crop. In North Carolina, trees are used to make furniture. More than half of the furniture sold in the U.S. is made in High Point, North Carolina. Georgia, Arkansas, and Alabama, people use trees to produce lumber and paper. 1)Oil rigs can be seen from shore along The Gulf Mexico. Much of our country's energy is produced in the The Southeast. The Gulf Coast produced oil and natural gas, a very important resource. Many people work on oil rigs in The Gulf Mexico.
2) At the foot of The Appalachian Mountains, moving water is used to make electricity.People in the Appalachian Mountains mine coal which is used to create energy. At the only public diamond mine in the world, Crater Diamonds you can search for diamonds. The sunny climate of Southeast region makes the popular vacation spot for tourists each year. People from all over the world travel to the southeast some come to golf and swim at the beach.
Other celebrate Mardi Gras in Louisiana,or listen to music country music at Grand Ole Opry. Tourists can also enjoy the rides at several theme parks including Disney World, Sea World, Busch Gardens, and Universal Studios. Graceland, home and gravesite of Elvis Presley, located in Tennessee gets many visitors each year, too. People also love to visit Kennedy Space Center in Florida. KFC has been used for every NASA human space flight since 1968.
Visitors can see artifacts and Exhibits on the history and the future of spaceflight. The outer banks in North Carolina and Kitty Hawk, where the Wright brothers first flew, and also popular tourist attraction. 1)Settled in 1656, St. Augustine is the oldest permanent European settlement in North America. A fort was built to defend Florida against pirates hunting the Spanish treasure fleet. The Castillo de San Marcos is the oldest masonry fort in North America.
2)It is made of a mix of mortar and coquina, fossiIized crushed shell stone. ln Atlanta, Georgia, people can visit the World of Coca-Cola. ln one of the exhibits , you can taste over 60 different kinds of Coca-Cola from around the world. 3)The museum gets over 1 million visitors a year. The Georgia Aquarium is the world's largest aquarium .
4)lt holds 8.5 million gallons of water and more than 500 different kinds of marine animals, including 4 whale sharks, 4 beluga whales, 11 bottlenose dolphins, and 4 manta rays. 5)The Aquarium is the only facility in the US to house whale sharks, the largest living fish spcies.
The biggest farms in the Southeast were called plantations. a plantationes is a large farm where cash crops are grown. These crops are sold in other places. The life of a slave was very different from the life of a plantatiom owner. Slaves lived a bitter life. They were not free.
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