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Southeast Quiz

Social Study's

What attracts to Florida in the winter? Mild, sunny weather attracts tourists to in winter, The Northern part of the state gets cool in the 50 degree range.
What is the range of temperatures in Florida during the winter months? The lowest temperature in Florida is 50 to 70 degrees, And the highest is 60 and over degrees.
Why is Louisiana one of the rainiest states? A lot of storms form over the gulf and Louisiana is near the gulf.
What is the average yearly rainfall in Louisiana? The yearly rainfall in Louisiana is 57 inches.
What is a hurricane? A hurricane is a violent storm that forms over the ocean, And along the wind are very heavy rains. It can pick up heavy objects.
When does hurricane season occur? Hurricanes mainly occur from June to the end of November.
Why were lighthouses built in many shapes and colors? They were built so that sailors could recognize where they were.
What is a key? A key is a low island.
In what year did the Civil War begin? How long did it last? It began in 1861 and lasted for four years.
Why was the war called the Civil War? It was called the Civil War because it was a war because it was war between two groups in one country.
What were the northern states known as? They were known as Union.
What were the southern states known for? They were known as confederacy.
What were two main issues that caused the Civil War? 1. Slavery. 2. People thought that they should have more control over what citizens could do.
Why did people secede out of the U.S. when Lincoln was running for president. They pulled out because they thought that Lincoln would end laws of slavery.
What does RECONSTRUCTION mean? A period of time after the Civil War when the south's buildings and economy's were rebuilt.
What were some things the south did to rebuild their region after the war? Farmers plowed their crops again. Factories were rebuilt. Rail lines were repaired and the Government established the freedoms Burea in 1865.
What was the Civil rights act of 1964? The civil rights act was that segregation was not allowed in schools or public places.
Barrier Islands Barrier Island are some line of the shore off the coat are groups of long low islands. They were formed thausands of years ago by mud and deposit.
Outer Coastal Plains and Inner Coastal Plains They are similar because they are both pretty low but the Outer coastal plain is an inland from the shore and farther inland is the Inner coastal plain. They are different because the Outer coastal plain is flat and low but the Inner coastal plain is a bi
Wetlands Wetlands are lands that are at times covered with water. Swamps, bogs and marshes are kinds of wetlands.
Piedmont The Piedmont is an are of rolling hills and beautiful valleys. Piedmont soil is dark brown or reddish and feels like clay.
Fall Line The fall line end the boundries between the piedmont and the coastal plains.
Appalachia Appalachia region is in one area in the appalachion mountains. Its natural recources is its cool and dense forests.
Created by: ggomez2028