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Britain 1681 - 1688

Personal Rule and the collapse of royal power.

Steps Charles took to strengthen his position Whig leader, Shaftesbury, fled abroad after being charged with treason. Local government charters removed Whigs from office. 1684 defied the Triennal Act Rye House Plot
Rye House Plot In 1683 there was a conspiracy by Cromwellian officers to murder the king. The plot failed, but Charles seized the opportunity to arrest leading Whigs further weakening his opposition.
February 1685 Charles II died.
James- accession or exclusion? With the support of the Tories and Anglican Church James had th confidence in calling parliament. James was granted substantial funding by the Tories but within three years James would lose his favour leading his to forced abdication.
James II support for Catholicism -Appointed Catholics to a number of offices, Privy council, and as officers in the army. -200 Catholics replaced Protestants as Justices of the Peace -Declaration of Indulgence in 1687 suspending laws against Catholic and dissenters.
Declaration of Indulgence In April 1688 seven Anglican bishops refused the Declaration of Indulgence to be read in their churches. They were put on trial and charged with sedition.
Sedition conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.
Threat to the Monarchy Queen consort Mary gave birth to a catholic son who would be next in line for the throne before his sister Princess Mary.
William of Orange's invite Seven leading politicians, Tories and Whigs alike, invited William of Orange, Princess Mary's husband. When William landed in England on November James fled to France.
King and Queen James abdication in 1688 led to the accession of the throne of King William of Orange and Queen Mary as joint monarchs.
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