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Charter An official document giving a person permission to settle in an area
Colony A settlement far away from a country that rules it
cash crop A crop that is grown to be sold for profit
indentured servants A person from England who signed a contract to serve a master in exchange to be brought to the us and food,clothing,and shelter once they arrived
Separatists pilgrims that wanted to separate from the church of England
pilgrims A person who travels to a place as a act of religious devotion
Centuries 100 years
triangular trade Trade rouge over the Atlantic ocean
Plantations colonial farmers grew crops like rice, and cotton
Imports products brought into the colonies from England
Exports to send goods to other countries for sale or use
Assembly A lawmaking body
Legislation A law passed by a lawmaking body
Where was the mayflower scheduled to land, where did it actually land Virginia It landed in Cape Cod,MA
what was the name of the agreement signed by the pilgrims for the first plan of government mayflower , Compact
How did pilgrims avoid freezing on the mayflower They huddled on the Mayflower
Why was life for the pilgrims difficult once they arrived on Plymouth They did not have food
What did Europe give to Africa Guns,textiles, manufactured goods
What did Africa give to the Americans Slaves and Sugar
What did the Americans give to Europe lumber, cod, and furs
Who is at fault for the slave trade Greedy Europeans, New world plantations owners who wanted cheap labor, and African kings who desired manufactured good to Europe
New England Colonies Never New Hampshire Make Massachusetts Cynthia Connecticut Run Rhode island
Middle Colonies New New jersey Pennies Pennsylvania New New York Dimes Delaware
Southern Colonies M Maryland V Virginia N North Carolina S South Carolina G Georgia
Were is Roanoke island located North Carolina
Why is Roanoke island so mysterious When John white came back from is journey the island was deserted and nobody knows what and happened to them and where did they go
What cash crop was valuable in Jamestown Corn and tobacco
Where is Jamestown located Virginia
What was the role of Pocahontas and John Smith Pocahontas saved John Smith from getting killed and John Smith was the leader of Jamestown, the first colony
Southern colonies Plantation owners relied heavily on slavery.
Middle colonies The Dutch claimed important territory in New York the English eventually took the area. New York was once called New Amsterdam.
Southern colonies Plantation owners also had influence in the government,laws, and rules of the colonies.proprietary colonies are owned by someone ,rather than a government .
Southern colonies Georgia was the last of the 13 colonies
Middle colonies The Patroon system gave huge plots of land to wealthy settlers that would bring large groups of people to the new world. It was an unsuccessful program.
Middle colonies NJ was formed because NY was so big it needed to be split.
Middle colonies Pennsylvania was a colony founded by the Quakers and practiced religious tolerance.It was known as the holy experiment.
New England colonies-Massachusetts -What did Puritans and Pilgrims want To practice their religion freely
New England colonies-Connecticut-What is the difference between Massachusetts and Connecticut The government ways of ruling
New England colonies-Rhode Island-What did Roger Williams believe about church and government He believed the church had to much power and he thought they had to be separated
New England colonies-Rhode Island-What is toleration Willingness to let others practice their own belief
New England colonies-Rhode Island-What two ideas came from Rhode Island the we put in our constitution Freedom of religion and separation of church and state.
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