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Woods Runner Review

Is is history, but this is for ELA class

Coop Rescues Samuel from the Indians and acts as his nurse
Contrast and Contradiction Samuel kills an Indian
Morgan's Rifles a militia group that Coop wants to join to fight against the British
Hessians paid German mercenaries who fought for the British
imagery literary device Paulsen uses to help the reader visual the setting of the novel
Chess the reason Samuel's dad was kept alive
Caleb Clark he never lets anyone go away hungry
Abner McDougal a cagey old man who acts as a spy for the patriots
Matthew helps Samuel, his parents, and Abner cross the Hudson River at night
protagonist the hero of the story. In Woods Runner, it's Samuel.
Historical Fiction genre of Woods Runner
Annie the little girl Samuel saves and his family ends up adopting
civilian non-military person
author Gary Paulsen
Green represents peace, tranquility, safety
Red represents blood, danger, death, and fear
Philadelphia the city held by the Americans where Samuel's parents and Annie settle in
The reason Samuel must leave his parents "Everybody back there gave us everything they had -- I have to go back. I owe."
Sgt. Whitby the American soldier who saves Samuel, Annie, and their parents from the British ambush
courier du bois French for woods runner
setting of Woods Runner thickly foliaged, vast, Frontier, 1770's
theme author's message to the reader about life
tomahawk Indians' weapon of choice
New York the city held by the British where Samuel and Abner must go to rescue Samuel's dad
Hudson River the body of water Samuel, Matthew, and Abner must cross to save Samuel's parents
New Samuel what Samuel's mother calls him, indicating he has changed a lot
dynamic character a character who changes over the course of the story like Samuel
static character a character who does not grow or change through the course of a story like Abner
Created by: lcuso9
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