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History Test

The New South Idea Industrial development, agricultural diversity- become like north Industrialization would solve social problems-all would benefit Some advances in mining/manufacturing
Convict labor system Could be arrested if unemployed Penalties for minor crimes increased Prisoners leased at cheap bates to work in railroads, lumber, mining
Jim Crow Laws (Voting and Segregation) Voting: By late 1800s all southern states seek to end black voting Poll taxes literacy tests, knowledge of state constitution, "grandfather" clauses (keep descendants of slaves from voting 1940- only 3% of southerns black registered to vote
Segregation Barred from hotels/restaurants already 1896 Plessy vs. Ferguson-supreme court upholds "separate but equal" After this, segregation sinks in- hospitals, schools, bathroom, taxis
Booker T. Washington "Accommodation" no immediate push for rights, whites would see that investments in black education/ business would help all southerns Don't "rock the boat" and will eventually get prosperity/ equality Vocational/ industrial education to get skilled jobs
WEB Du Bois 1903 The souls of Black
Created by: Yeilvaz