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Unit 3 Test

This was a painting that showed different components of westward expansion. It showed how different technology, innovation, and people moved out west. American Progress
This individual was the person responsible for creating the painting known as American Progress. John Gast
This land area was purchased by the US from France. Originally, the US just wanted the city of New Orleans to control trade on the Mississippi river. Louisiana Purchase
The third president of the United States. He was the president in charge of purchasing the Louisiana territory for 15 million dollars from France. Thomas Jefferson
These two individuals were hired by Jefferson to explore the Louisiana territory. Lewis and Clark
This was the name of the group (including Lewis & Clark) who went on to explore the Louisiana territory. Corps of Discovery
This was one of the reasons why the Louisiana territory was explored. friendly contact with Native American groups
This new innovation allowed boats to travel upstream on rivers. Steamboats
This innovation allowed for goods to be transported cross country quicker. Railroads
This innovation allowed for farm products to be delivered to cities and locally. Wagons
The idea that the US had the right to take over all of the land in the continental United States from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean. Manifest Destiny
Purchased from France for roughly 15 million dollars Louisiana
Negotiated with Spain (Treaty of Onis) because Jackson decided to invade Florida and Spain couldn’t take care of Florida. Florida
Came to an agreement with Great Britain. Divided the land in half (US took south, Great Britain took north). Made border of what today is known as Canadian border. Oregon
Texas had a war with Mexico to become independent. 9 years later, the US annexed Texas as a state of the union. Texas
The US had a war with Mexico (Mexican/American War) Mexico loses the war and signs the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (giving up all of their land north of the Rio Grande to the US). Mexican Cession
US negotiates with Mexico the last small piece of land and buys it from them so they can build railroads on that flat land mass. Gadsden Purchase
Poor Housing Push Factor
Lack of Services Push Factor
More Wealth Pull Factor
Better Living Conditions Pull Factor
Few Opportunities Push Factor
Not Enough Jobs Push Factor
Educational Opportunities Pull Factor
More Enjoyable Lifestyle Pull Factor
Slavery Push Factor
Religious Freedom Pull Factor
Created by: acarrera85
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