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great depression

vocab list 1-3

Depression A period of decline in the national economy characterized by unemployment, falling prices, and decreasing business activity.
Drought Long period of no rain.
Dust Bowl A region in the United States where topsoil was lost by wind erosion in the 1930's.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation An agency of the Federal Government that insures the soundness of individual bank accounts.
Federal Trade Commissions Federal agency created in 1914 by the Federal Trade Commission Act. Established to administer antitrust laws, to investigate cases, and to make recommendations to the Congress or President.
Great Depression Period between 1929 and 1941, when unemployment rose to record high of 25% of the workforce, bank failures increased, and business bankruptcies occurred every month.
Interstate Commerce Trade between two or more states.
Optimism Thinking positivelyÍž expecting that everything will turn out for the best.
Surplus Extra.
Tariff A tax on goods entering the country.
Works Project Administration (WPA) Men and women were employed, during the New Deal, to build public buildings (schools, hospitals) and parks. They were also employed as writers, artists, and musicians.
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