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A New Nation Begins to Grow

tar and feather to cover persons with tar and then with feathers in order to punish them
boycott to refuse to have dealings with a person, country or group
repeal to remove something, especially a law
revenue money gained from something
duty a tax placed on goods brought into a certain place
cargo objects or goods carried in a ship or some other form of transportation
province a part of a country or region
convention a formal meeting called for a special purpose
partriot someone who loves his or her own country
minutemen a group of men trained to be soldiers and who agreed to gather at a minute's notice
Proclamation Act of 1763 issued to ease the fears of the Indians, it ordered colonists to leave the Ohio Valley, no new settlements west of the Appalachians, no traders without King's permission
Currency Act 1764, it was illegal for the colonies to print their own money
Quartering Act 1765, demanded that the colonies provide housing and goods for all British soldiers in America
Stamp Act 1765, enable the government to tax legal and business papers used in America, it also taxed playing cards and dice, special stamp agents
Sugar Act 1764, raised the tax on sugar, cloth goods and other articles from countries except Great Britain
Declaratory Act stated that Great Britain had control over the colonies in all cases
Townshend Act 1767, reduced the colonists' freedom to govern themselves, new taxes on glass, paper, and tea
First Continental Congress September, 1774, Samuel Adams, possible actions against the King, all colonies except Georgia sent delegates, Declaration of Rights adopted and sent to the King, taxation was unacceptable and boycott of all British goods
Created by: jyoung02
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