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History 7

Chapter 12

Where did Zheng He travel? Southeast India and Asia
Confucian officials wanted to end Chinese voyages for what three reasons? It was bringing new ideas to China, it cost too much, and it made merchants rich
Who invented gunpowder? Chinese
What was home to the emperors? Forbidden City
What did Chinese poetry during the Tang dynasty often celebrate? nature
What did early printing presses use to create images of writing on wood? cuts on blocks of wood
Missionaries in China were often what? Jesuits
Who wrote a book about his travels to China? Marco Polo
What dynasty was started by Kublai Khan, was dominated by mongol leaders, and lasted about 100 years? Yuan
When did the Mongols lose control of China? 1300's
Why did trade grow under the Tang dynasty? new roads and water ways
What did Chinese paintings during the Song dynasty often depict? landscapes
What important discovery was made during the Tang dynasty? Iron could be melted to make steel.
Who was a famous European traveler who visited China? Marco Polo
What are long fictional stories popular during the Ming dynasty? novels
What dynasty ruled from A.D. 960 to A.D. 1279? Song
What is a material made of clay and baked at high temperatures called? porcelain
Who built the grand canal to unite the Hang He and the Chang Jiang rivers? Yangdi
What was the earliest known printed book? Diamond Sutra
What was the capital city of China under the Tang dynasty? Changan
Who was a voyager during the Ming dynasty. Zheng He
Who believed good government led by wise rulers would create a peaceful society? Confucius
Students preparing for civil service examinations in China never did what? physical work
The mongols were known for being what? fierce warriors
Farming improved under the Tang for what three reasons? The country side was at peace, a better form of rice was developed, and the Tang gave land to the farmers.
Who were a special group of Roman Catholic priests? Jesuits
Who founded the Ming dynasty? Zhu Yuanzhang
Who united the Mongols and conquered vast territory? Genghis Khan
What dynasty reunited China in A.D. 581? Sui
What dynasty fell in 1644 to the Manchus? Ming
What is a count of the number of people called? census
Who were the leaders of Korea? Koryo
What was the major trade route in China? silk road
Who was a popular poet during the Tang dynasty? Li Bo
What is the place called where buddist, nuns, or monks lived and worshiped? monastery
What dynasty was in power from A.D. 618 to A.D. 907? Tang
Why did the Ming sometimes take a census? to accurately collect taxes
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