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Unit 5-Jackson/Exps

Jackson, Andrew 7th President, Founder of the Democratic Party, “Jacksonian Democracy” stressed the importance of the common man in politics and economy
Calhoun, John C. South Carolina Senator and VP under Jackson, extreme defender of nullification and States Rights, he hated tariffs
Webster, Daniel Massachusetts Senator who defended the importance of the Union during the nullification crisis in debates in the Senate
Polk, James K. Democratic “Dark Horse” (underdog) who won the presidential election of 1844 by promising to get Texas, Oregon and California for the U.S. in one term, was president during the Mexican-American War
Taylor, Zachary Famous general who won key battles early in the Mexican-American war in Northern Mexico, used this popularity to get elected President as a Whig in 1848
Scott, Winfield U.S. General who led the forces that captured Mexico City, ending the Mexican-American War
Mormons Religious group founded in America, the Mormons followed the Bible and their own text, The Book of Mormon, which made many people distrust them, located in Utah
Democratic Party Party founded by Andrew Jackson to expand the power of the common man in politics and economics, still active in America today, Mascot:Donkey
Whigs Party founded to oppose Andrew Jackson, they took their name from a party in United Kingdom that opposed the King, pro business and trade
Gadsden Purchase The last land acquired, from Mexico, to form the Continental 48 states in 1853, the land was bought to help build the southern branch of the transcontinental railroad to the Pacific coast
Mexican Cession Large piece of land won from Mexico in the Mexican-American War, completes the current U.S. borders on the Pacific Coast, gold will be discovered in this area, in California, shortly after the U.S. acquires it
Texas Annexation Action by the U.S. in 1845 to join with the Republic of Texas, the disagreement on where the actual border of Texas was led to the Mexican-American War
Indian Removal Act Law that Andrew Jackson asked Congress to pass that removed most Native Americans from East of the Mississippi River to present day Oklahoma, led to Trail of Tears
Trail of Tears Forced removal of the Cherokee Tribe from Georgia to indian Territory (present day Oklahoma) because of the Indian Removal Act, about 25% of the Cherokee died during the journey
Mexican-American War War between Mexico and the U.S. that started over what each country thought was the border of Texas, the U.S. won and received the Mexican Cession, and the Texas border at the Rio Grande
Bank Crisis of the 2nd National Bank Attempt by Andrew Jackson’s rivals to force him to renew the 2nd Bank of the U.S., he responded by pulling out all government money from the bank and causing it to collapse, this led to the economic Panic of 1837
Nullification The legal theory that a state can refuse to follow (nullify) any Federal law it does not like
Manifest Destiny Belief that it was God’s plan for the U.S. to cover North America from the Atlantic to the Pacific spreading democracy, this encouraged settlement Westward
California Gold Rush Large scale migration of people to CA after discovery of gold in 1848, most of the settlers were Americans, Chinese immigrants will stay and work on the Transcontinental RR and become farmers and merchants
Created by: RRIceboy883
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