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nd studies

Mandan and Hidatsa lived on the eastern edge of the confluence when lewis and clark came
Pristine wilderness a landscape occupied by few people who are in harmony with the environment
Managed ecosystem a managed and altered ecosystem is maintained by people
A "ravaged ecosystem" is one that has been greatly ahead
corps of discovery the lewis and clark mission to investigate the Louisiana purchase
the confluence in ND studies refers to where the yellow stone river meets the Missouri
The primary components of change in 1803 at the confluence list 3 changing tribal locations, advent of the horse culture, and impact of the early fur trade
the sioux were more nomadic buffalo hunters and controlled the land to the south and the west.
Land describe the changes when lewis and clark came the area was mostly vast grassland: today a large percentage of the region is planted to crops
vegetation describe the changes most of the native grass has been replaced by crops
Animals describe the changes the abundance of bison, elk, and prairie dogs are mostly gone and have been replaced by farm stock and increased numbers in white tail deer
water describe the changes the free flowing streams and rivers of the past now have dams and are used for irrigation, hydroelectric power, and flood control only 80 miles of the original 350 Missouri river miles in ND remain free flowing
the three primary characteristics of the climate of the northern plains list 3 variability from year to year, seasonal temperature extremes, and ever-present wind
The ND has a blank climate continental
define continental climate plenty of sunshine, frequent wind, light-to-moderate precipitation, rapid temperature changes, four distinct seasons, long cold winters, and short summers.
ND is semi arid light precipitation: about 14 inches in the southwest about 22 inches in the red river valley
drought prolonged period of little or no precipitation
121 degrees hottest temperature in nd
-60 degrees coldest temperature in nd
buffalo jump the Indians would stampede many bison to the edge of the cliff where they would tumble to their death
Hudson bay company British fur company which operated in what is now ND
mountain men fur trapper and trader
riparian zones the areas near rivers
What is TANATAAFL Principle there aint no such thing as a free lunch
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