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AA Heritage Bowl

According to modern scientists, what locations in Africa are the ancestral birthplaces for all human beings? Olduvai Gorge - Tanzania Hadar Region - Ethiopia
Approximately how many major ethnic (tribal) groups exist in present-day Africa? 250
From about 300 to 1450 C.E., what were the three great African kingdoms in West Africa that existed in sub-Saharan Africa (the Sudan)? Sudan, Mali, & Songhay
What world-renowned European artist acknowledged his use of an African art form in some of his famous drawings? Pablo Picasso
From where were most Africans taken to be enslaved? the coastal area of West Africa
How large is continent of Africa in square miles ? 11,717,370 square miles
What is the name of great Mongol military leader according to ancient Chinese history? Attila the Hun
What is the name of the author of Haitian descent who wrote "The Three Musketeers" and "Count of Monte Cristo"? Alexander Dumas
Who was described as "black and comely" in The Bible and one of the great loves of King Solomon who bore him a son? The Queen of Sheba
Who was the 4th century high-ranking Roman military leader of African descent who was in charge of the Theban Legion? Maurice
What are the two names of the man who wrote one of the first autobiographical and insightful accounts about the tyranny of slavery? Olaudah Equiano a.k.a Gustavus Vassa
State two cities in eastern U.S. and Canada named after the bi-racial Queen of England who married to King George III? Charlotte, NC Charlottesville, VA Charlottetown
Who was the West African Prince who led one of the first successful slave and Mexican Indian rebellions against the Spanish in Vera Cruz, Mexico in the early 1600s? Yanga
Name the African leader who led a successful revolution against the French and founded the country of Haiti. Toussaint L'Overture
Name the person is considered to be the father of Russian poetry and a great 18th century novelist? Alexander Pushkin
What large ethnic groups in South India and Sri Lanka have African ancestry? the Dravidians and the Tamils
Name the military leader from Carthage, North Africa who is considered to be the greatest tactical military leader of his time and led his army and dozens of elephants through the Alps to wage war against the Romans. Hannibal the Great
What archaeological evidence supports that African people sailed and settled in Central America long before European explorations to the New World? the Olmec Artifacts
What two European countries were the first to forcibly transport large numbers of Africans as slaves in the 1500s? Spain and Portugal
For what reason were Africans first brought over to the English colonies? To establish a slave-based economy that decreased spending and increased profits in Virginia's tobacco industry
What is meant by the term "seasoning" of slaves in regards to the slave trade? To physically and psychologically force Africans to conform to the lifestyle and occupational demands of a slave in order to get them in condition to be sold to mainland enslavers
After the American Revolutionary War, why did some slaves and free persons of color immigrate and settle in Nova Scotia, Canada? For fulfilling their promise to be British 'loyalists' by supporting and fighting for The Crown, they were given land in Nova Scotia to relocate.
What wealthy free African-American sea captain helped 38 slaves emigrate from the U. S. back to Africa in Sierra Leone in 1815? Paul Cuff
In the 19th and 20th centuries why did thousands of African-Americans migrate from the southeastern part of the U.S.? To have freer and better living conditions
Who became an interpreter of some Native American languages that helped the Spanish to be able to colonize what is now Arizona and New Mexico? Estevanico (Little Stephen)
Name the enslaved valet of William Clark who was an important member of the Lewis and Clark's Northwest Expedition of the 1800s? York
Who is the French African fur trapper considered to be the founder of Chicago when he settled near Lake Michigan in 1765? Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable
How was the slave experience in the Dutch colony "New Netherlands" different than the other colonies? Owners hired out the their slaves for a fee, but the slaves received a small fraction of thier earnings after their owners' cut.
Name the person to be considered the first born African-American of the Virginia colony in the 1600s William Tucker
In 1750, which two English colonies in North America had the largest number of slaves? Maryland and Georgia
According to the census in 1790, what percentage of total U. S. population was enslaved? 20%
Until the U.S. Constitution was amended in the 1860s, how were the vast majority of people of African ancestry legally defined? property or chattel
What did it me to be "quasi-free" as an African-American? They were free persons by law, but did not guarantee the same rights and privileges as free white persons.
What term was used to refer to a slave who was able to buy one's freedom; to be freed at the time of a owner's death; or to convert to Christianity to become free? Manumission
In South Carolina how much money would the average productive slave have to pay for his or her freedom? $600 to $800
What were the first 5 states in the U.S. to abolish slavery within their jurisdiction? Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut
Name the enslaved man who traveled to the free state of Missouri where his owner died, and was later declared unable to sue for his freedom by the U. S. Supreme Court. Dred Scott
Name the three major export crops of the South prior to the Civil War. cotton, rice, and indigo
for the year 1850 alone, what was the net economic loss in wages and monetary benefits of African-American due to slavery? $84 million
The first person killed by the British in the American Revolutionary War on the eve of the Boston Massarce, who is he? Crispus Attucks, a seaman and former slave
Name the two heroic men, one slave and one free, who fought with the Colonial Minutes of Massachusetts against the British. Peter Salem and Salem Poor
What two African-American oarsmen accompanied General George Washington across the Delaware River to successfully attack the British and German forces? Prince Whippel and Oliver Cromwell
What became of William Lee, George Washington's trusted slave valet, after the Revolutionary War? Washington gave him is freedom and money for him to be taken care of in his old age.
This cunning spy for the French and Continental Forces helped them win the Battle at Yorktown, VA, who was he? James Armistead
Name the one and only all-African-American company who courageously fought throughout the Revoluntionary War who were honored by John Hancock and George Washington The "Bucks of America"
Name the all-Haitian company allied with France who fought in the American Revolution against the British. The Fontages Legion led by King Henri Christophe
Who disguised herself as a man and valiantly served with the Fourth Massachusetts Regiment? Deborah Gannett (enlisted under the name of Robert Shurtliff)
Who prevented Gen. Washington's death by intentional food poisoning? Phobe Fraunces
How did Austin Dabney gain his freedom, 100 acres of land, and a pension? The governor of Georgia granted him this for his bravery and courage for taking his master's place in the Revolutionary War.
Approximately how many African-Americans fought on the side of the American colonists versus the British? 5 to 8 thousand for the colonists versus 10 to 20 thousand for the British
With the aid of the American Colonization Society, what did 80 free African-Americans do? Emigrated to the west coast of African to begin a colony
What west African country was founded by African-Americans under the leadership of Joseph J. Jenkins? Liberia
What was the Underground Railroad? a system of escape routes, hiding places, and trusted individuals
What religious group was considered 'friends' of the Underground Railroad? the Quakers
Name the first historically black college/university. Cheney State
What HBCU is known as the 'Mecca' or 'The Hill'? Howard University
Who is considered the father of Black History Month? Carter G. Woodson
Who wrote the National Black Anthem? James Weldon Johnson
What was the longest and most successful protest that began on December 5, 1955? The Montgomery Bus Boycott
Who is the surgeon who pioneered methods of storing blood plasma for transfusion and organized the first large-scale blood bank in the U.S.? Charles R. Drew
Name the African-American investigative journalist, educator, and an early leader in the Civil Rights Movement. She was one of the founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Ida B. Wells
Who is Ruby Bridges? The first African-American child to integrate an all-white public elementary school in the American South.
Who was the first African-American lawyer in Ohio, and then became the first African American to win a congressional election in the state of Virginia in 1888? John Mercer Langston
Who was that the teenager was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and inspired Rosa Parks? Claudette Colvin
Name the woman from Columbus, GA who is deemed the 'Mother of the Blues'. Ma Rainey a.k.a Gertrude Pridgett
She led more than 300 slaves to freedom using the Underground Railroad and became a spy for the Union during the Civil War Harriet Tubman
Who was an influential African-American "Stationmaster" in Philadelphia and was responsible for organizing support for the Underground Railroad? William Still
Name a 'code song' sung by slaves and others to inform them about the Underground Railroad. Get on Board, Little Children Steal Away to Jesus Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Between 1810-1850, approximately how many slaves used the Underground Railroad to escape to freedom? 100,000
How did Henry Brown escape slavery? Henry 'Box' Brown hid inside a freight box and was mailed to abolitionists in Philadelphia.
How did William and Ellen Craft escape slavery? The married couple rode the train to New England with Ellen 'passing' as William's owner due to her skin tone.
What is institutional slavey? A comprehensive system of slavery
Who beame the first African-American woman physician in the United States? Dr. Crumpler
Who founded Kwanzaa?
Created by: SHSHeritageBowl
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