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Pgs 111-151 Kayla

Borrowing more money than could be repaid Speculating in the stock market Overproducing farm products What did these events lead to? The Great Depression
Grants of money from government are called Subsidies
The purpose of social security is to create a system of retirement and unemployment insurance
The United States entered World War II when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor
Where in Georgia were Liberty ships built during World War II? Savannah and Brunswick
Which New Deal program was responsible for such projects in Georgia as Roosevelt Park in Pine Mountain, Tybee Island's sea wall, Augusta's Savannah River Levee, and Macon's airport? Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
The Holocaust was a name given to the tactics used by Hitler and the Nazis for exterminating 6 million Jews and other "undesirables"
Who was the world leader who instigated the Holocaust? Adolf Hitler
The NIRA affected Georgia because it resulted in a strike in the textile industry
After World War II, one of Georgia's most important agricultural products was poultry
What was the most important crop in Georgia before World War II? cotton
What Georgian was known as the "father of the two-ocean navy?" Carl Vinson
The Georgia military base that did NOT also serve as a prisoner of war camp was Fort Campbell
What group of workers was NOT covered by Social Security? Farm workers
Ellis Arnall was the first governor of Georgia to serve a term of four years
When did the Atlanta Hawks arrive in Atlanta from St. Louis? 1968
What Georgia city is the financial, communication, and transportation center for the Southeastern United States? Atlanta
What percentage of Georgia's population today lives in the metropolitan Atlanta area? just over 50%
Which crop is grown only in northwest Georgia? berries
What type of aircraft was built at the Bell Aircraft Marietta plant? B-29 bombers
What Georgia governor served during the Great Depression and spent a great deal of his time speaking out against New Deal, blacks, and the metropolitan areas? Eugene Talmadge
Which policy did Governor Eugene Talmadge support? reduced property taxes
Besides the boll weevil, Georgia cotton farmers in the 1920s were hurt by droughts
What organization was founded two months after the 1960 sit-in at the Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina? SNCC
Who was one of the first blacks to be admitted to the University of Georgia? Charlayne Hunter
Created by: kayla0115
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