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US History Ch 1 - 3

US history 1492 - test 1

Cotton Mather Puritan theologian. Pioneer in smallpox innoculation, promoting science over the objections of more religious Puritans.
The Enlightenment A product of some of the scientific and intellectual discoveris of the 17th century. Enlightenment thinkers argued that reason, not just faith, could create progress and advance knowledge
Johnathan Edwards New England Puritan who was deeply orthodox and part of the Great Awakening. attacked new doctrines of easy salvation for all. preached traditional Puritan ideas of the absolute sovereignty of God, pre-destination and salvation by God's grace alone.
Great Awakening Concern over declining piety and growing secularism led to first major american religious revival. 1730s and 1740s
Salem Witch Trials Most famous outbreak of anti-witchcraft hysteria in the US. Occurred in Salem, MA in the 1690s. Led to several executions
Primogeniture Practice in England of eldest son inheriting all the land of the father. In New England, land was divided among sons.
Covenant Puritan form of community that bound all residents in a religious and social commitment to unity and harmony
Stono Rebellion Slave rebellion in colonial South Carolina. Slaves rose up, killed whites, and tried to get to Florida and freedom. Whites soon crushed the rebellion
Triangular Trade A complex maze of trade across the Atlantic. Merchants carried run and other goods from New England to Africa, then the Middle Passage of slaves to the west indies, then exchanged slaves for sugar and molasses.
Scotch-Irish Scot Presbyterians who settled in Ireland in the early 17th century. Harassed by the English, so many went to America.
Huguenots French Protestants who were persecuted in France, many came to America.
Slave Codes Laws passed by colonial assemblies that limited the rights of slaves and assured absolute control by white masters.
Middle Passage Passage of slaves from West Africa to West Indies.
Indentures Servitude Young men and women bound themselves to masters for a fixed term (usu 4-5 years) of servitude. In return, they received passage to America, food and shelter.
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