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History (Finals)

What city is Gr
What city is Greece in? Athens
How many people for the stratège 10
How many people for the Héliée and how old 6000 and 30+
How many people for the Boulé and how old 500 and 30+
How many people are part of les archontes 10
How is the stratège chosen Élection
How is the Héliée chosen Tirage au sort
How is the Boulé chosen Tirage au sort
How are les archontes chosen Tirage au sort
(Quelle groupe) La justice Héliée
(Quelle groupe) army and police Les stratèges
(Quelle groupe) Administration La Boulé
(Quelle groupe) La vie religieuse Les archontes
Les lois Écclesia
Where does l’Écclesia meet Le Pnyx
What God protected Athens Athena
Where did la Boulé, l’Héliée, amd les stratèges meet L’Agora
Where did les archontes meet L’Aréopage
What was on top of l’Acropole Des temples religieuse
What was the biggest temple on top of l’Acropole The Parthenon
What did the Greeks use the Parthenon for other than praying Refugee if there was a war
What were the four social classes Métèques, esclaves, femmes et enfant et les citoyens
Which class was the worst Les esclaves
Which class made all the ones and had to pay taxes Les Métèques
Which class had the same right and liberties as les esclaves Femmes et enfant
Which class was allowed to participate in politics Citoyens
Which class was allowed to participate in religious activities Citoyens et Métèques
What time line was Ancient Greece in Antiquité
What was the relief like In Greece Montagneux
What was Greece surrounded by Mountains and water
What part of Greece was Athens part of Attique
How many years in one siècle 100
What was the biggest social class Esclaves
What was the smallest social class Métèques
Did slaves have any rights No
Did les Métèques have to serve in the army Yes
Around how many people lived in Athens 300 000
During what years of there life sis the boys have to go to the army 18-20 years old
How many letters in the Greek alphabet 24
How many voyelles in the Greek alphabet 26
How many principal Gods were there 12
What was Athena the Godess of Intelligence
Where did the twelve Gods live Mount Olympus
Was the Greek law fair No
Was the Greek law fair according to athenians Yes
What place in the house was reserved for men Le sale au repas
What place in the house was reserved for women Le gynécée
(Quelle groupe) prépare les lois Boulé
(Quelle groupe) vote les lois Ecclésia
(Quelle groupe) organizes religious events Archontes
Created by: dashwallis
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