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Engine Inspections

For older aircraft (Pre-FAA) that do not have Type Certificate Data Sheets, where would you find information on the Engines? Aircraft Engine Specifications
What FAR provides a basic outline checklist for 100hr inspections? 14 CFR 43 Appendix D
Where could you find the engines that a given propeller is compatible with? Propeller TCDS
Airworthiness standards for small aircraft in the normal, utility and aerobatic categories are found where? FAR Part 23
What is used as the reference when verifying the proper Magnetos are installed? Engine Specifications, or Engine TCDS.
What instructions for Continued Airworthiness are FAA approved? Airworthiness Limitations Section (14 CFR 33 Appendix A)
How do you identify the flow range on a fuel discharge nozzle? A Letter, stamped on one of the hexes.
Where do you find crankshaft runout tolerance? Current Manufacturers' Maintenance Instructions
If an aircraft is certified with a Standard Airworthiness Certificate, each engine on that aircraft must be_? Type Certificated
Severe Chafing/Fretting where metal is transferred from one piece to another is called_? Galling
Can Nitrided parts be straightened? No, it is not recommended. The force could rupture the nitrided surface, leading to eventual failure.
Can cracks in Turbine Blades be repaired? No, they are cause for rejection.
What is used to monitor Turbine integrity, as well as general Engine conditions? EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature), which can be an indication of Turbine-inlet Temperature
What condition is exhibited by small pieces breaking off a coated surface, usually caused by excessive loads or defects? Flaking
Where could you find the mandatory replacement-time of Turbine Parts? Manufacturers' Service Instructions
When high static-loads are imposed on bearings, it can causes indents on the bearing races, also known as what? Brinelling
What is the recommended way to inspect Exhaust Shrouded Mufflers for leaks? Pressure, or Hydrostatic tests. An operational Carbon-Monoxide test may also be performed. A Mag-Particle inspection will not work, since they are usually made of Stainless Steel
What regulation defines a repair/alteration as Major or Minor? 14 CFR 43 Appendix A
Some small nicks/dents may be passable in turbine blades, but where are they NOT allowed? The root of the blade
Can some ADs be emergency-issued? Yes, they may require immediate compliance when received.
For a specific Aircraft/Engine combination, where would you look to find a suitable propeller replacement? Aircraft Specifications/TCDS
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