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History Test2

test #2

Five Key Ideas in Calvinism T= Total DepravityU= Unconditional ElectionL= Limited AtonementI= Irresistible graceP= Preservation of the saints
The Great European Cultural Movements *Evangelical Pietism*The Enlightenment
John Winthrop Governor of Massachustts Bay Colony (puritan)
Four Fundamental Principles of Enlightenment *Belief in the power of human reason*Existence of natural laws governing both the physical world and human society*Rejection of the "divine right" theory of government*Belief in the possibility of the progressive improvement of human society
Enlightenment Ideas 1 Man is good2 Reason is good3 The world is observable and understandable and is the most important of man's experiences4 Man can reshape himself and his world, if he observes and obeys natural laws.
Enlightenment Ideas2 5 There was a belief in man and that the world operated on the bases of natural law6 Man, as a rational creature, exercised power over his own life and circumstances.
Best Example in America of Enlightenment Thinker Benjamin Franklin
List of Enlightenment Ideas manifest in Philadelphia *A circulating librery*First American Medical School(1765)*A hospital for the poor(1751)*A Bettering home for aged*Employment for the poor*Economic self-interest involved
First Great Awakening *A revival, a work of God/A religious revival
Old lights-old sides Charles Chauncey
New lights-New sides *Theodore J Frelinghuysen*William Tennet, Sr*Gilbert Tennet*Jonathan Edwards*James Devenport*George Whitefield*Samuel Davies
Opponent of Great Awakening Charles Chaucey
Sources Contributing to Growth of colonial population *High birthrate*Marriage factors, nutrition, medical attention*immigration*Restrictions, criminals, ethnic groups, african slaves
Economic factors contributing to Growth and Expansion *manufacturing*Businesses*Agriculture*Marketing
Great War for Empire A colonial War that embraced the English nation and a struggle for Empire
List of Problems after 1763 *Britain's national debt*Day-to-day cost of administering empire*Pressure for a renewed geographical expansion*Renewed Indians aggressions erupted*Many Brithish resented colonists who became rich*British tightened imperial controls
Significance of Proclamation Lineof 1763 *The British gained control of the entire NA continent*The French were eliminatedas a force in settling and expanding the NA continent
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