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Early Pres. Tes

What was the Embargo Act? Banned all trade with other nations
What countries did the Embargo Act affect? ALL Countries
What is the 12th amendment ? Ensured that the President & Vice President would be on separate ballots so that you wouldn’t have a candidate running for VP almost become President in the election
Who were the candidates involved in the election of 1800? John Adams & Charles Pinckney Federalist THomas Jefferson & Aaron Burr Democratic Republicans
What was the process to pick the President after the Electoral College ended in a tie? House of Representatives decides the Election
What were Lewis and Clark’s main goals? To explore the new territory to see exactly what we bought and also to find an all water route to the Pacific Ocean
Define impressment? Forcing sailors into the navy
Why did France decide to sell the Louisiana territory to the United States? Needed money to fight Great Britain & Losing the island of Santo Domingo in a slave rebellion
How much did the purchase cost? 15 million
what did it do for the size of the US? doubled the size of the USA
The purchase gave access to what major body of water? Mississippi River
What event in history established judicial review? Marbury v. Madison
Why is judicial review important? Established the purpose of the Judicial Branch as an equal to the other 2 branches
What is judicial review? the right of the Supreme Court to determine if a law violates the Constitution
Who won the Election of 1800? Thomas Jefferson
Where is the nation’s capital? Washington D.C.
The cabinet is part of which branch of government? Executive Branch
Who makes up the cabinet? Pres, VP, & dept heads (Dept of State, Treasury, & War)
What do members of the cabinet do? Advise the President
What are the Bill of Rights? 1st 10 amendments of the Constitution protected individual rights
What issue does Pickney’s Treaty address? Access to Mississippi River Spain & USA
What issue does Jay’s Treaty address? USA & GB Britain messing with our ships
What were the Barbary pirates asking people for? Demanded tribute (money) for safe passage
Why did the Whiskey Rebellion begin, and what ended up happening during the rebellion? Farmers in Pennsylvania were angry about the tax on whiskey George Washington responded with bring the army to defeat them.
During whose Presidency did the XYZ Affair occur? John Adams
What reason did XYZ Affair begin in the United States? France was attacking US ships
What is outlined in the Alien Act? Allowed the president to imprison aliens or send those he considered dangerous out of the country
What is outlined in the Sedition Act? Made it a crime to speak, write , or publish “false, scandalous, and malicious” criticism of the government.
What did George Washington say about political parties in his farewell address? he warned that they would divide the nation
What did George Washington say about foreign policy in his farewell address? he warned that getting involved in Foreign Nations affairs would hurt the country
Foreign dealing with another country
domestic happening inside our country
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