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World War I, World War II, Great Depression, Economics, Politics, Civil Rights

Great Depression Some causes are that the US had borrowed more money than they could repay. Many factories had produced more than they could sell. Speculation in the stock market also helped cause the Great Depression.
President Herbert Hoover The United States president who's policies are blamed for the Great Depression.
Eugene Talmadge He was a governor who served during the Great Depression and spent a great deal of his time speaking against the New Deal, blacks, And the metropolitan areas.
New Deal To relive the suffering of unemployed, reform defects in the economy, and improve society.
Civilian Conservation Corps Was a New Deal program that provided jobs for young single men building forest trails and roads, planting trees to reforest the land and control flooding and building parks.
Agricultural Adjustment Act The idea was to raise farm prices by limiting production. It paid farmers to not plant crops on part of there land.
Rural Electrification Loaned over $300 million to farmers cooperatives to help them extend there own power lines and buy a power wholesome.
Social Security It protects the financial Sovereignty of the federal government.
Lend-Lease Started because the United States allies did not have any money to buy equipment with.
Pearl Harbor Was one of the main reasons why the United States entered World War II.
Bell Aircraft A company in Buffalo, New York that manufactured B-29 bombers.
Savannah & Brunswick Shipyard the locations the building of the Liberty Ships took place at.
Richard B. Russell Georgia's youngest governor in the twentieth century and he used all his experience as a former member and speaker of the Georgia house of representatives to make some needed changes.
Carl Vinson Known as the "father of the two-ocean navy" was a major influence in promoting a strong national defense.
The Holocaust The name given to the systematic extermination (killing) of the Jews. Adolf Hitler was the leader and thought that Jews were the reason to all of Germany's problems.
FDR's impact on Georgia He developed a New Deal program that did not work which was called the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA).
Agricultural Productions After World War II, one of Georgia's most important agricultural products was poultry.
Development of Atlanta Atlanta is now the financial, communication, and transportation center for the southeastern United States
William B. Hartsfield Served as mayor of Atlanta. He is acknowledged for his leadership in making Atlanta a aviation hub of the Southeastern.
Ivan Allen, Jr A person who's accomplishments are integrating city government and fire departments, reducing restrictions on African American police officers, and removing "Colored" and "White" signs in Atlanta City Hall.
Major League Sports In the 1960's, the people of Atlanta dreamed of having a "big league city", but the city lacked the facilities to do so.
Ellis Arnall Defeated Eugene Talmadge in the governor's race in 1942. First governor to serve four years.
Benjamin Mays A chairmen of Atlanta Board of Education. Mays was a mentor to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Herman Talmadge During 1950 he restructured the state highway department, created the Georgia Forestry Commission, and provided leadership for improvements in soil conservation programs, county health departments, and the state prison.
Maynard Jackson Was the first African American mayor of Atlanta and he increased programs for the arts, he adressed the need to expand the airport, and he led an effort to have the Olympics held in Atlanta.
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