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Chapter 7-Logan

Farming has been an important part of the economy of the Midwest for hundreds of years. True
The western part of the Midwest tends to be much _________ than the eastern part. Canadian air brings ______ and ______ to the eastern part of the region. drier rain and snow
_______________was located close to the junction of the Illinois, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers. Cahokia
Mining for coal provided jobs for people in ___________ for many years. Illinois
Minnesota is rich in _________. iron
In___________, limestone is an important natural resource. Indiana
The Great Lakes create some of the region's state borders. TRUE
One effect of companies growing and offering more jobs was that Midwestern cities grew as _________ and ____________arrived looking for jobs. migrants immigrants
List the following methods of transportation in order from earliest to most modern: TRUCKS ON INTERSTATE HIGHWAYS, STEAMBOATS, CANOES and FLATBOATS, TRAINS 1) Canoes and flatboats 2) Steamboats 3) Trains 4) Trucks on interstate highways
If the main idea of a passage isn’t stated, you can figure it out by using the ____________ _____________in the passage. important details
The Mississippi River is ____________miles long. It drains into the __________ of _____________. 2,350 Gulf of Mexico
The Ohio River is ___________miles long, and it flows west out of _______________________. 981 Pennsylvania
The Missouri River is ___________miles long. It runs east and south through the ________________. 2,315 Dakotas
One example of how life for Midwesterners has changed as the region’s economy changed is that factories have been converted into________________ ______________. apartment buildings
The ______________ Plains are more perfect for growing corn than the Great Plains. Central
The state that raises much of the country’s pork, is part of the Corn Belt, and is the top egg-producing state is the state of___________. Iowa
The Ojibwa were different from other American Indian groups of the Midwest region because they did little ___________ and instead ____________ in forests. farming hunted
Jean Baptiste Point DuSable founded ___________as a trading post. It is the largest city in the Midwest and the third-largest city in the __________ ____________. Chicago United States
Created by: Mrs. Logan



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