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WC Midterm: Ch.5

this one is most likely wrong do not rely on it

What is said bout Phillip II? “(his) Smile and dagger were very close.”
How did Phillip II become king of Portugal? Portugal's king died without heir so Phillip seized it and its territories. Spain also became very wealthy around this time because of its colonies from South America.
Was King Phillip religiously tolerant? No he thought it was his duty to defend Catholicism against Muslims.
What is the Spanish Armada? A fleet of Spanish ships in an attempt to punish Protestant England, but was the ships were defeated.
What did the Spanish Armada do? Setback seriously weakened Spain, the wealth of Spain gave it the appearance of strength, there was also a monastery (where priests live) within the walls of the palace, showing more wealth and faith.
Who is El Greco An artist who chose brilliant, sometimes clashing colors, distorted the human figure, and expressed emotion in his paintings.
Who is Diego Velazquez An artist who was best known for his portraits of the royal family and scenes of court life, also used rich colors
What is Dox Quixote? A book about a poor Spanish nobleman who went crazy after reading too many books about heroic nights and the character began to think that he is one written by Miguel Cervantes.
What happened when King Henry II of France died? Three of his four sons rule, but were incompetent.
Who was the religious conflict between? The Huguenots and Catholics.
Created by: jpica6464
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