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Unit 5 History

Test Review

What is the definition of Judicial Review? To determine if a law is constitutional or not
Which supreme court case established the precedent of Judicial Review? Marbury vs Madison
Who wrote the Supreme Court decision that established Judicial Review? John Marshall
What president was the first to encounter the problem of large debts from the American Revolution? George Washington
How did president Washington feel about getting involved in political affairs with other countries? Stay away from it
What is the Monroe Doctrine? It is a letter to all European countries that said to stay away from the Western Hemisphere or they would regret it
What was an early domestic struggle for the central government? The Whiskey Rebellion
what disagreement caused Hamilton and Jefferson to establish separate political parties? The establishment of the First National Bank
Why did US manufacturing expand during the war of 1812? Trade with the British was stopped
Which two of Washingtons cabinet members established the first political parties? Jefferson and Hamilton
Why was the first national bank established? To create a more stable economy
what was the cause of the war of 1812, and what ended it? Cause: British taking sailors and troops End: Treaty of Ghent
Domestic industrial growth occurred after trade was disrupted during what US event? The war of 1812
Why did Alexander Hamilton want to establish a national bank? To have a more stable economy
The whiskey rebellion and national bank are considered to be a domestic or international issue? domestic
Created by: alyssa2319