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US - 12-3 StudyGuide

Study Guide for Chapter 12-3 Quiz

What book did Harriet Beecher Stowe write? Uncle Tom's Cabin
What was the effect of the description in Uncle Tom's Cabin of slavery as a cruel and inhumane system? It added fuel to the antislavery feelings in the North
Why was the Kansas-Nebraska Act controversial? It proposed opening up the lands north of the 36° 30' line of latitude to slavery for the first time in 30-some years
Why did proslavery and antislavery groups rush their supporters to Kansas? For the 1855 elections
Why did Stephen Douglas propose organizing the lands west of Missouri and Iowa into Kansas and Nebraska territories? to encourage settlement of the West to open the way for the transcontinental railroad
Why wasn't Senator Charles Sumner able to return to work in the Senate for several years? He was severely beaten by Rep. Preston Brooks on the floor of the Senate.
Who did President Lincoln blame for starting the Civil War? LOL Harriet Beecher Stowe
What was popular sovereignty? The idea that the people of a territory should be given the right to vote for whether, or not, they wanted slavery to be legal.
When did the Kansas-Nebraska Act pass Congress, get signed by the President, and become a law? May 1854
Who were Border Ruffians? Proslavery people from Missouri who crossed the border into Kansas to vote in the election
Who attacked and murdered five proslavery settlers near Pottawatomie Creek, Kansas? John Brown
Who attacked the town of Lawrence, Kansas in 1856? 800 people who supported slavery
How did the violent clash over slavery spill into Congress? Rep. Preston Brooks attacked and beat Sen. Charles Sumner for comments he made in a speech against the violence in Kansas and against Sen. Butler from South Carolina.
Because the Kansas-Nebraska Act opened up lands to slavery that had been free for more than 30 years, who opposed the Act? Northerners
Who was the Illinois Senator who wrote the Kansas-Nebraska Act? Stephen Douglas
Why did Southerners support the Kansas-Nebraska Act? They expected slaveowners from Missouri to settle in Kansas and make it a slave state
What two events showed the rising level of hostility between the North and the South? the fighting in Kansas Preston Brooks beating Charles Sumner in the U.S. Senate
Senator Stephen Douglas was well known for what compromise? The Compromise of 1850
What compromise was abandoned when settlers in Kansas were allowed to vote on the issue of slavery? The Missouri Compromise
The vote over which bill showed deep splits with Northern Democrats over the issue of slavery? Kansas-Nebraska Act
By January of 1856, how many governments did the state of Kansas have? Two one proslavery and one antislavery
In the 1855 elections, only about __?__ people were legally able to vote in Kansas, but more than __?__ people actually voted. 1500 6000
Who was the Kansas governor who ordered 1300 federal troops into Kansas to stop the two guerrilla groups from fighting? Gov. John Geary
The Kansas-Nebraska Act caused many northerners to believe that __?__ with the South was no longer possible? compromise
Created by: ColbyHistory
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