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Westward Expansion

Mrs. Ethridge fourth grade 2019

This machine removes seeds from the flower of cotton, lessening the amount of work needed to process cotton. cotton gin
This device uses hot, evaporated water to do work. steam engine
This waterway connected the East Coast with the Great Lakes. It ran from Albany to Buffalo, in New York State. Erie Canal
This land transportation machine, powered by steam engines, could move heavy materials and passengers over great distances. railroad
This machine harvests, or picks, ripe crops. reaper
This is the practice of kidnapping sailors and forcing them to serve in the navy. impressment
A battle between Mexican forces and Texans happened here. Alamo
Many paths led west, but this path was the most traveled. Oregon Trail
This device allowed messages to be sent over great distances, quickly and efficiently. telegraph
Buying this land doubled the size of the United States. Louisiana Purchase
Produced maps and information while traveling over new Western territories. Lewis & Clark
These two sides fought in the War of 1812. United States, Great Britain
This group was often pushed off its land by the US Army. Native Americans
Impressment of sailors was seen as one cause of this. The War of 1812
This law forced Native Americans off of their lands. Indian Removal Act (1830)
These two Washington DC structures were burned by British troops during the War of 1812. The White House, the US Capitol
Created by: briansegool