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History Exam

Cold War

What is the United Nations? An international organization set up by world leader after WW2
What does the United Nations do? Organize differences between nations before they went to war. Promote collective security
What did the United Nations replace? The league of Nations
Where did the troops in the UN come from? Members countries
Were the troops in the UN fighting? No. Peacekeepers.
How did Canada support the UN? Supported their efforts Cooperating with US to defend North America (NATO)
What was the UN's aim? Band together to avoid war To encourage cooperation To defend human rights To improve living conditions of people around the world
Where is the headquarters of the UN located? New York City
How did the UN help war refugees? Relief and rehabilitation administration provided for millions of Europeans Refugee Camps 40 countries helped
What was the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" document? Friendly relations between nations Basic rights people should have access to Equality
What two countries were considered "Super Powers" after WW2? Soviet Union and USA
What power was Canada considered after WW2? A middle power
What was the democratic treaty organization called? NATO
What was the dictatorship treaty organization called? The Warsaw Pact
What is a capitalist democracy? Individuals can own their own property and control economy.
What is communism? Government controls the economic system and no private ownership of property
What was the area called that divided the Eastern and Western Europe? The Iron Curtain
Who was involved in the cold war? The US and The Soviet Union
How was this war faught? Espionage, propaganda, political pressure, arms race and surrogate wars
What was the Cuban missile crisis? Cuba had asked for economic support from the Soviet Union. The soviet Union wanted to put missiles on the island. The US created a blockage to stop these ships from bringing supplies. The US convinced them to not put in Missiles
What was one of the radar lines constructed in Canada? The DEW line (distance early warning)
Why was their radar lines constructed in Canada? To get advanced warning of a soviet attack
What was NORAD? North American Aerospace Defense agreement. This would allow for quick deployment of Canadian and American aircraft during a soviet attack
What role did Canada play in Korea? Peacemakers
What is a peacemaker? Using military force to create peace.
What is a peacekeeper? Separating two sides at war well helping to work out settlement
What role did Canada play in the Suez Crisis? Peacekeepers
What was the Korean war? North Korea wanted to force communism on South Korea and attacked them
What did the UN vote to do during the Korean war? Voted to help south Korea defend itself
Why did the Soviet Union not veto in this decision? They were refusing to attend the meetings
What happened at the end of the Korean war? A permanent border was placed between them and they are still enemies today
What was the Suez Crisis? Britain and France invested in the 190 Suez canal and attacked it because Egypt became their own country and took it over and that angered Britain and France.
How did the Suez Crisis end? Egypt agreed to pay for the canal and crisis pasts
What did Canada do in the Suez Crisis? Sent many peacekeepers
What did some communist countries do? Went against their government
What ended the cold war? The Berlin wall came down
What province joins Canada in 1949? Newfoundland
Who is Viola Desmond? A black leader who stuck up for blacks at a movie theater. She is now on the Canadian 10 dollar bill
Why was there a population boom post WW2? The baby boom Immigration Newfoundland joins confederation
Why did the health of Canadians dramatically improve? Improved diets came with prosperity Wider use of new antibiotic drugs New medical technology
What were some mega construction projects ? Toronto's underground subway Trans Canada Pipeline St Lawrence Seaway Trans Canada highway
Who are three women that worked at NASA and made a difference? Katherine Johnson Dorothy Vaughan Mary Jackson
Who were some Prime Ministers in the 1950's and 1960's? Louis St Laurent John Diefenbaker Lester B Pearson Pierre Elliot Trudeau
What look was popular in the 1950's and 1960's? Hippie look
Why were suburbs popular in the 1950's and 1960's? With Canadians buying cars it was easier to live farther away from towns and workplaces.
Why were the automobiles so popular? More people were moving to suburbs and rural areas where they needed to buy cars to get places
What was the TV like in the 50's and 60's? Small and screens were black and white. Was a families favorite past time
What were some women movements? Peace and disarmament Equality in education and employment Birth Control End violence against women Reform of government and law
Created by: Marsbar21
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