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Before 1880, Europeans controlled little of the African continent directly. 1914, England made Egypt a protectorate.
Between 1880 and 1900 almost the entire continent controlled by Europeans. British believed that they should also control the Sudan, south of Egypt, to protect their interests in Egypt and the Suez Canal.
English and French colonies were established on the Western part of Africa as they funneled slaves west across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. 1898 British troops able to seize the Sudan.
Egypt had been part of the Ottoman Empire,Egyptians sought their independence. French also had colonies in North Africa about 150,000 French people had settled in the region of Algeria,
1805 Muhammad Ali seized power and established a separate Egyptian state. France imposed a protectorate on neighboring Tunisia 1912, France established a protectorate over Morocco
Muhammad Ali introduced a series of reforms modernized the army, set up a public school system create industries textiles, munitions, and ships.
1869, Suez canal connected the Mediterranean sea and Red sea letting them trade from Europe to Asia
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