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History Exam


What was the event known as "Munich Putsch"? Hitler tried to take over Germany but got arrested for 5 years but only stayed for less than 1.
What did Hitler write while he was in prison? A book called Mein Kampf
What was Hitlers book about? Blaming Jews for all Germany's problems
What is a scapegoat? Blaming a group for their own problems
Why did Germans believe in Hitler? He brought success to some German problems and made many promises
What is considered the master race? Blue eyes, brown hair
What was the Aryan race? Germans. Considered pure
What party was Hitler part of? Nazi
How did Hitler take control of Germany? Ruled streets with violence,
What could happen if you spoke against a Nazi? Could get killed, beaten or interrogated
What is a word for Hitlers police? Gestapo, Storm Troupers
Hitler wrote a letter a decade before he became leader. What was written on it? He would kill all Jews by hanging them
What were ways discrimination was shown against Jews? Children's books, kids getting bullied at school, had certain park benches marked for them, Germans didn't let people shop at their shops.
What did Hitler blame Jews for? The loss of WW1, The Treaty of Versailles, and Hyperinflation of 1923
What was the Hyperinflation? When Germany printed too much money for what they had
What does it mean to be untermenchen? Sub Human
What were the laws called that the Nazi party introduced in 1935? Nuremberg Laws
What were some of the Nuremberg laws? 1. Non Jewish and Jewish could not marry 2.Would not sell medicines to Jewish 3.Lost suffrage
What was Kristalnacht? "The night of broken glass" German police destroyed any Jewish property
What was antisemitism? The hatred for Jews
How was the entrance into WW2 for Canada different than WW1? Were not as excited. Still hurt from the losses of WW1. Voted into the war.
What role did Canada play in WW2? Canada after WW1 became an independent player
Axis Powers Germany, Italy, Japan
Allied Powers Britain, USA, Soviet Union, France, Canada, New Zealand and Australia
Did racism towards Jews also exist in Canada? Yes
How many Jews did Canada except? 4000. Most were denied entry.
What was the "Law for the Encouragement of Marriage"? Government would give all newly married couples a loan of 1000 marks. For every child they would receive so much of the money to keep
What did Nazi's believe about women? That they were only good for cooking, children and church. They were reproductive
What Nazi's believe about men? That they were productive and creative in the world of politics and war
What was a Lebensborn? A home for unmarried women. Also where they could go to get pregnant with "pure" men.
What did Hitlers book state about the education of girls? Based on becoming a mother and taking care of the house.
Why did Hitler place great significance on Germany's youth? That they were the future Nazi leaders
What was the teaching at schools based on? Promoting the Nazis
What would all German children be placed in outside of school? Youth groups
What was the Order Castles? Used to recognize Hitlers ideas of youth. A training camp
What were the long term causes of WW2? The conditions of the Treaty of Versailles The failure of the League of Nations
How did the Treaty of Versailles leave Germany? Massive debt and depression
Why did the League of Nations fail? Failed to keep peace through territorial invasions
What were the short term causes of WW2? The election of the Nazi party The rise of fascism and antisemitism The formation of the Axis powers Policies of non-intervention
What type of Government did Hitler support? Fascism
What was Fascism? A strong government controlled by one dictator
What was the immediate cause of WW2? The German Invasion in Poland
What is Blitzkrieg? A German method of fighting with fast attacks
What was the Invasion of Poland? German invades Poland unexpected with tanks and armies. Poland was no match for Germany and Germany won.
What were some reasons Canada did not except Jews? Antisemitism in Canada Add to poverty levels Would not help depression Wouldn't be easy to assimilate
What were some reasons Canada should have excepted Jews? It was the right thing to do People protested towards it
What was Prime Minister Kings reasons for not excepting the nerds? Thought it would be difficult politically He was racist Thought it would add to unemployment
What was the issue with the boat "St Louis"? Jewish refugees traveled to escape Europe but no country excepted them so they had to go back. Many later died in concentration camps. Big mistake for Canada.
Why was Canada unprepared for WW2? Memories of WW1 Pacifism Depression Isolationism Political Leadership Appeasement
What event effected Canada's effort to the war? Why? Boat sunk. Thought it would directly affect them
What was Canada's army, navy and air force like at the start of WW2? Not a lot of supplies and people. Not very strong
What did the Canadian government hope for WW2? They would support with more supplies than men.
What was the War Measures Act? Told Canadian factories and farmers what to make
Why was Canada able to get so many recruits at first? It was a way to get a job, clothing, food and shelter
What was the battle of Britain? Battle in the air. It was a success for Britain
What was the Britain plane called? Hawker Hurricane
What was the battle of the North Atlantic? German U boats attacked ships bringing supplies into England.
What was the invasion of Russia? Hitler made his biggest mistake of WW2. Invaded Russia but failed because of Russia's cold winters (weren't prepared for the cold. Hitler had to fight a war on 2 fronts
What were some new technologies in WW2? Radar Medicine Code breaking(Camp X) Jets and Rockets The Atomic Bomb
Who was the chief engineer when making the Hawker Hurricanes? Elise Macgil
What was Elise Macgils method for creating the hurricanes? Modular Design
What was the Holocaust? It is used to describe the deaths of 6 million Jews in concentration camps
What is an example of a concentration camp? Auschwitz
How did the Jews die in concentration camps? Gassing, mass shootings, starvation, and dehydration
What did Nazi''s do to trick Jews into gasses Disguise them as showers
How many people were killed in total in concentration camps? 11 million. 6 million were Jews
When did the horror of these camps get discovered? After war when allied soldiers entered
What was Camp X? Camp where secret agents and spies were trained
What was Camp X used for after WW2? Secret communications facility during the cold war?
How did the USA enter the war? Japan bombs Pearl Harbor
What was the bombing in Pearl Harbor? Japan bombed the American Navel base and brought USA into the war
What was the Japanese Interment? One of the most shameful stories in Canadian history. Canada government felt threatened after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and took Japanese Canadians away from their homes into the interior of BC.
What was a prisoner of war? Someone who was captured by enemies and imprisoned
What were ways to escape being a prisoner of war? buttons with composes scarves with maps Volunteer for a labor gang
How could POW get cameras? Bribing guard with cigarettes
What was the red cross parcel? Food, Candies, butter for POW
How often would red cross parcels come once a week
What were Japanese Canadians labelled as? Enemy Aliens
What type of jobs could Japanese Canadians take? construction, farmers, and labor
What industry was evacuated first during the Japanese interment? Fishing
What happened to Japanese Canadians after the war was over? Canadian government apologized to them and offered them 20000 dollars. Many moved back to Japan.
How did BC contribute to the war effort? Fish, Japanese internment
How did Ontario contribute to the war effort? Car and farm implement factories, munition factories
How did the Prairies contribute to the war effort? Wheat and farm products, world famous pilots trained there
What did women do to help with the war? Worked in the workforce and volunteered
What happened to women after the war? Often lost their jobs, women were expected to stay at home again
What was the policy of the "total war"? All industries, materials, and people were put to work to support the war
What was rationing? Government limited the amount of supplies people could buy in order to support the war (gas, food, clothing)
What was the economic boom? Canada became an industrial power as factories produced many war products and Canadian farmers produced lots of supplies as well
How did Canada raise money for war? Income taxes were raised, Victory bonds purchases
What was the battle of Hong Kong? The first fight for Canadian troops, Failure, barely trained Canadian battalions were sent
What was the battle of Dieppe? Goal was to capture Dieppe on the french coast. Canadians were spotted trying to come in early morning. It was a disaster.
What was the Italian Campaign? Canadian troops played a major role in the Campaign. Street fighting to take pressure off Russian allies. Was successful
What was D-day? Canada was placed on Juno beach in Normandy France and were first to be successful in 24 hours. Wanted to take over and destroy German defenses. Shortly after this day Germany surrendered
What was another name for D-day? Operation overlord
`What were wolf packs? German submarines hunting in teams
What was the convoy system? Escort ships to prevent U boat attacks on merchant ships
What were corvettes? Small warships
What were destroyers? Larger class of escort ships
What was the bomber command? Bombing German cities day and night
What was the Ferry command? Flying airplanes from North America to Europe for war
What was conscription for WW2? Mackenzie King originally said no body had to go to war but as war went on the country held a vote on conscription and conscription happened but didn't divide the country like WW1
What was used for propaganda in WW2? Posters and films. Documentaries.
What did the allied forces do to get Germany to surrender? Swept through Belgium and overran the rocket launching sites.
What did civilians do to support the liberation of Europe? Blew up railroads, factories and bridges. Reported on Nazi troop movements and helped to rescue allied pilots
How effective was the civilians efforts? Liberation would have taken much longer without them
What happened to Hitler after the liberation of Europe? He shot himself with his wife
What was VE day? Victory in Europe day
How did the allied powers get Japan to surrender? The atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What happened to the Nazi leaders? Faced international war crimes. some were sentenced to death, imprisoned and had all charges
Positive affects of WW2? Economic boom Advances in technology Women got jobs Brought Canada out of depression Gained patriotism Gained respect
Negative affects of WW2? Loss of lives, money and supplies. Racism
What was the battle of Dunkirk? British troups tried to hold off the Germans in nothern france but failed and retreated to the french coastal town of Dunkirk. Had to retreat fast using every single boat. Was considered a miracle to rescue so many.
Created by: Marsbar21



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