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History Exam

20's and 30's

What was the 1920's most often called? The roaring twenties
Henry Ford used what kind of mass production? Assembly line, standardized parts and division of labor
What region was hit the hardest during the depression? Prairies
Why was the On-to-Ottawa Trek Organized? As a protest against the working conditions at the governments relief camps
What happened to the travelers riding the rails looking for jobs when they got off the train? were arrested and charged with vagrancy
What was a major concern for WW1 returning soldiers? Increased cost of living
What is something a female teacher could get fired for? Wearing makeup
Could all women in the 1920's collect minimum wage? No
Was relief given to people in cash payments? No
What did the Commonwealth Federation turn into in 1961? The New Democratic Party
How many deaths did Tuberculosis cause in Canada? 100 000
Why did many couples put off weddings during the depression? It was too expensive
Charleston Popular dance
bootlegger Gangster and sells illegal alcohol
Flapper Young independent woman
Rocco Perri Most famous Canadian bootlegger
Rum runner Smuggles illegal alcohol across border
Speakeasies hidden disguised bar
Foster Hewitt Radio host of Hockey Night in Canada
Black Tuesday stock market crashed Oct 29 1929
Tariffs protected Canadian industries
Dole Food, fuel and rent
Social Credit Party idea of prosperity certificate (25 dollars)
Stock or share ownership in part of a company
Capital gain profit made from selling stock
The Regina Riot end of On-to-Ottawa Trek
Name two industries that were growing in the 1920's Hydroelectricity and mining
Why did Ottawa refuse to allow women to become senators? They believe women were not considered "persons"
Who was the Alberta Five? A group of women fighting to become a "person"
What did the Alberta Five do to protest? Went to supreme court of Canada. They then refused to change law so they went to the privy council and then become officially a person.
What was prohibition? The ban on selling, drinking, and transportation of alcohol in Canada
What benefits did prohibition have? Pay checks were going home. stopped drunkenness crime, and men weren't being violent towards wife's
What negative effects did prohibition have? Speakeasies, bootlegging, rum runners and Canada was losing money
How could Canadians get around the prohibition law? Speakeasies, get prescriptions from doctors and bribe police.
How did the automobile change the life for Canadians? Brought friends and family closer together, could live farther away from jobs, good pass time and they were affordable for the average Canadian.
Name two causes of the depression? Dependence on the USA and buying on credit
What made life miserable for Prairie farmers? Relied on wheat and wheat prices were low and they were suffering from droughts. Wind storms and grass hoppers
Why did farmers in the East of Canada not suffer as much? They grew other products like vegetables. They were able to sell other things as well as provide food for themselves.
What were the working conditions like in factories? Conditions were bad because people were so desperate for a job they would work in any condition. People wouldn't say anything about an injury because they were afraid of getting fired.
What are some types of entertainment people enjoyed to get distracted from the depression? potlucks, church gatherings, game nights, dances, and newspapers
What were some big stories on the news at this time? The stork derby, King Edward the 8th, the mad trapper and the Dionne Quints
What are some inventions in the 1930's? Insulin, Automobile, snowmobile, radio, aviation
How did people survive the depression? Church provided clothing, relief and soup kitchens
What are 3 1920's slang? Cats meow, big cheese, and flat tire
Cats meow very sharp
big cheese big shot
flat tire dull person
Created by: Marsbar21
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